Deathgasm's LA Premiere and Review

It's October so you know what they means right? Right? That's right, blood, guts, gore, and metal? Yes metal as in the metal music genre with some added comedy all thrown together to create a little something called Deathgasm. It combines all of this into one hell of a ride! Well not literally a physical ride-ride but as far as film goes, it's like a ride, it having its ups and downs from start to finish.

The film had its Los Angeles, California premiere with its array of cast and crew coming out for it! Actresses Kimberley Crossman who played Medina, Delaney Tabron played Shanna and director Jason Lei Howden along other guests and participates of the flick, walked upon the red carpet, that was set-up, as cameras flashed and everyone talked amongst themselves until movie time! Once the movie showing was about to begin, the director and female actresses appeared to briefly talk then it was off with the lights as the movie's bloody-goodness began!

Teenager Brodie played by Milo Cawthorne, moves in with his Uncle and Aunt, after his mother was sent off to a mental ward, Brodie ends up as the outcast in his Uncle and Aunt's eyes as well as his cousin who is living under their rooftop. All isn't well as his family relatives try changing him into becoming Christian but of course Brodie has his own take on the matters, being of course not just an outcast but a metalhead. A listener of metal music with its array of sub-genres of course! He trails off attending high school, getting bullied, by also befriending some people who gather to create their own garage band, practicing day in and day out, as they write their own material, that leads them to discovering something totally unnatural.

The unnatural source found by Brodie and his best pal Zakk, turn out to be pages to a Satantic mass that turns their music creativity upside down! As they take the pages and turn it into their own ways with music that creates everyone in earshot to turn into demons, that run around feeding and killing off, all in sight, as the two along with their friends to help put an end to this massacre of demons.

The film is filled with tons of jokes, poking fun at the metal community, as well as having an amazing soundtrack to back it all up, with in between slapstick here and there, that has of course as mentioned, blood, guts, and gore! If you're a fan of the metal music genre, into comedies, and love your blood and guts, then surely this film, will be to your liking because it's all a metalhead could ever want or need! This is Deathgasm and let's just say death to false metal!

By the end of the flick, an ending credits scene was shown, as the cast and director again returned to do a brief Q and A discussion, where then afterwards greeted the guests, to talk about their thoughts and take on the film. It of course being one hell of a bloody night!

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