A Holy Sin - Self-Titled

Local acts are a hit or miss situation when it comes to the music scene. For California El Monte residents A Holy Sin, they put quite the bit of effort into their debut EP. A "Self-Titled" release might I add, as far as the EP itself and the band's genre choice it blends deathcore/metalcore together to create its own blended variation of the two genres. As for the EP it takes 4-tracks each of which are rather catchy, fast, and very fist pumpy, like take "Another Soul Laid To Rest" along with "Memories" the first glimpse that was given by these guys, these two songs alone, really make out what these guys are all about. They got that genre in place, with the vocals and instrumentals to back it all up. It rounding off to being a solid piece of work by another one of those up-and-comers.

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