"Rotten Dreams", first studio album of Italian dark / ambient rockers DSease's, is set for release on December 15, 2017 via Sneakout Records / Burning Minds Music Group. DSease was born three years go from the ashes of a Rammstein tribute band called Kardiod. The four-pieces combo composed by Alberto Niccoli (Lead Vocals, Bass), Fabio Balducci (Guitars; Synful Ira, ex Ancient Bards), Gabriele Lasi (Drums) and Massimiliano Pretolesi (Synths), started a new original project which mixes Grunge influences, Electro Rock and Metal music elements.

Despite Gabriele and Massimiliano departures after the recordings, the two remaining members decided to keep the project alive, putting all their inspiration and energy in this artistic experience. Frontman Alberto Niccoli says: "The album gets life from an internal hidden world, unknown or unseen by the majority of the people. Our music gets its strength from the union between metal music, synths parts and a kind of grunge vocal approach, while introspective lyrics complete a very unusual voyage, which will see listener watching inside his soul, in order to get the essence of our 'Rotten Dreams'". The album was recorded and mixed by Fabio Balducci, with the support of the entire band.


1. Selfist Darky Tender
2. Baby Believes
3. With No Relief
4. Freak (Out Of My Head)
5. Updated Partner
6. Smile Over You
7. Wicked Sun
8. No One Will Hurt You

DSease is:

Alberto Niccoli: Vocals, Bass
Fabio Balducci: Guitar


Massimiliano Pretolesi: Synth
Gabriele Lasi: Drums

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