Blue Apollo - Circles

"Light-Footed Hours", the debut EP by alternative act Blue Apollo comes not just with an assortment of material but with a bonus track titled "Circles", that received the single's treatment in terms of releases. This release delivering not just a solid song but a quality video to accompany said single release. How does the song up hold aside the solid factor, well it is for one, solid it is upbeat, very catchy, and for another being, that it is that added bonus content you will be delighted over. So in otherwise it works.

How else can it not work, as Blue Apollo takes on the alternative approach with their sound and style, being not just alternative blended, but also has some pop rock blues mixed in as well. You get this picturesque appeal of fluidness. A vivid imagery of fields, flowers, and bright sunshine. That is at least how the song appears, with its soothing melody done by the instrumentals and harmonizing vocalization. It has a somewhat feel of sounding like Coldplay crossed with John Mayor mixed with some Stevie Wonder concepts, you get a mixture of a little bit of this and a little bit of that, hence forth "Circles", is the delivery.

As far as the video version of this single, the video is pretty plain and simple, dealing with circular motion that does occur within said video, while other portions showcase the band in a performing setting, doing as any other band or artist would, perform their stuff. That is all there is to go off in terms of the video as a whole and for its concept as well.

In terms of the song, it is catchy and upbeat like most tracks and or songs of today. This is just another one of those selections, that can be spun on repeat, not boring you out. But keeping you highly entertained by its catching appeal. The word of appeal cannot be used enough really on this piece about this track. It has so much flowing for it, lots of tones that keeps it ever flowing.

That said, not much else can be said about it. It has good feeling, flows perfectly with the timing of the music, it's sway of the it, how the melodies, harmonies, and essence of the music makes it all circulate. More or less how it plays itself, it becomes one with everything surrounding itself. As how one song can do, it being so capturing of the moment, this is what happens with this track in particular. So much to go off with such content to provide, nothing else needs to be said except to listen in on what is all said here.

If not, then maybe it will likely become a track, that can be heard at any given stance or moment of time. Surely that is how Blue Apollo's music works for them, not just in their favor, but having such a soulful glimpse into being welcoming to the ears, that it makes up for all else, that these guys want to do with their creativity in terms of music making.

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