Colorblind - Turn To Stone

Combining such genres as alternative, indie, rock, punk rock, and pop punk, you get an act by the name of Colorblind with their debut EP release "Turn To Stone". This release is a debut release that falls between the lines of sounding just like any other alternative, pop punk, punk rock, indie act, ranging from All Time Low to Pierce The Veil. That's what these guys sound like, if you wondered or even wanted a comparison, that's what these guys present. Like take their single off this EP entitled "Cold Feet", that song in itself is indeed catchy, uplifting, and stays in your head surly after it's over. Whereas other songs like "Try To Forget", and "Lost My Faith", keep that same tone of being rather catching, except more toned down if you will, still allowing the music to be quite good on its own. Colorblind's debut EP that is "Turn To Stone" is shall we say, one of those rainy day listens, that will rock you to sleep when hearing it.

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