Emilie Autumn Announces New Audiobook Release of The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls!

Emilie Autumn has announced an audio book release of her novelization of "The Asylum for the Wayward Victorian Girls". Her words on the release are as follows;

"Dearest Plague Rat,

I'm so bloody thrilled to let you know that the Asylum Audiobook HERE for which those of you who pre-ordered have so kindly and patiently waited (whilst I re-recorded it then made a movie then rewrote the book and re-recorded it again in its entirely new version) is AT THE PRESSES! There is a limited run of 6-CD box sets being manufactured as we squeak, and it is beautiful! Have a lookie:

Even the back of the box is pretty! Inside is this fold-out 6 disc digipack situation, but I haven't got a shot of that yet...soon to come!

The Asylum for Wayward Victorian Girls 6-CD Audiobook Set
(LIMITED EDITION, AUTOGRAPHED PRE-ORDER, ships in late June, 2016, exact date TBA, determined by how quickly our warehouse can get the item prepped to ship)

If you haven't pre-ordered your Audiobook set, here's why you ought to:

$20 discount off standard price
ONLY Pre-Orders will be autographed by ME (in silver Sharpie at that!)
I've just discovered that there are only 200 unsold Audiobook disc sets left in this pressing! By the time this beast is ready to ship, we WILL be sold out.

Nitty-gritty: The heavily discounted price is valid only until Friday the 13th, May, 2016, at 11:59 P.M.! All orders placed during the pre-order period (until shipping is announced in June) will be autographed, but will be sold at the standard price after 5/13/16.

Oh! And I've also made you a handful of shiny new (and rather long) audio previews to sample, so go listen to my multiple accents if nothing else, right HERE.

Lastly, I imagine that you may have questions about your order or even an address change (if it's been a while since you pre-ordered your copy). If you need help, or just want to check in, the Asylum Ambassadrice Courtney is ready for you! You can email her any time with any questions at help@asylumemporium.com. We are so here for you—your happiness is more important to me than you know:).

With all my love and gratitude,

~ EA (((>*.*<)))

P.S. Stay crazy..."

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