Steven Juliano’s Requiem For The Dead is Now Not Then

Former I Am Ghost frontman Steven Juliano has been up to quite a bit since his best known act bit the dust as of 2010. But as the saying goes "when one door closes another one opens" and that saying goes well with his brand new music project Requiem For The Dead. While this project was indeed in the making process while Juliano was still involved with I Am Ghost, he felt that his former project had matured and had needed to part ways from one another.

 Demanding a reunion show from the band's legion of fans the band was to get together for one last time but failed to do so due to complications, thus only the memories of his once beloved act would now only slumber in the afterlife. Moving on Requiem For The Dead was actually an idea based on I Am Ghost's previous albums "Lover's Requiem" (2006) and "Those We Leave Behind" (2008) having taken those tales and encrypting them into a tale all its own that would live on forever or at least until Juliano say things fit. In any case Juliano and the rest of his band mates have been hard at work finishing up the touches on the band's debut album "Always and Forever" and just finished filing a music video.

Not only is Juliano in the process of releasing his own book, "Lovers and Kings" which showcases his artistic talents, but he is the one who went and designed the album artwork which can be seen below. Requiem For The Dead is the ongoing future and all that was in the past is dead and gone.

Always and Forever Album Artwork

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