Escape The Fate VS. Falling In Reverse and Max Green Say What?

Escape The Fate and Ronnie Radke fans this is some news you need to hear. Apparently Max Green bassist/vocalist for Escape The Fate since the beginning may possibly be leaving Escape The Fate. Say what? There are two reasons as to why this MAY happen….

One is that Falling In Reverse Ronnie Radke’s new band kicked out their original bassist and is seeking a new one so put two and two together and you MAY see Max Green pop into the mix. The second reason is that when Ronnie was involved in the olden days of Escape The Fate him and Max were best buds so it looks like the two made up after the aftermath of Radke being kicked out of Escape The Fate and Craig Mabbit formerly of Blessthefall coming into the picture. So now that those two made up via Twitter, who knows what will happen next. We may even see a collaboration of a possible tour of Escape The Fate and Falling In Reverse happen.

But according to an interview in the Las Vegas Weekly with Radke, he goes into saying that his debut album "The Drug In Me Is You", out July 26th via Epitaph Records, he states that "This record is his own take and "war" against Escape The Fate bashing a lot of shit for what they did to him on 2008's "This War Is Ours" release. Because Radke says that release was all about him so he needs to do what has to be done and strike back with a vengeance."

Will the likeliness of the rivalry bands be met head to head or will there be a truths when it’s all said and done? Time will only tell for certain.

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