Oh Sweet Ransom

Three years in the making and Oh Sweet Ransom are set to release their first full-length album come March. But for the time being we are presented with the band's self-titled EP release. This EP consists of six count’em six tracks of hard hitting guitar riffs with bass trembling music ceases to exist.

For that matter it seems like Oh Sweet Ransom is in it to win it, because with such songs as "I Won't Hold My Breath", "The Chase", and "Sadness and Razors Don't Mix Well", they are showing a progression to shine and expand in how there developing their music. Like “I Won’t Hold My Breath”, showcases guitar structure that’s solid and built firmly in place while the drumming and bass work is in the backdrop while the vocal chords stand out front taking control. The vocal chords are clean and diverse indicating screaming methods used every so often it makes the music “pop”.

"The Chase", continues this method except it’s faster and takes the previous song to another level if that makes sense. Whilst “Sadness and Razors Don’t Mix Well”, tosses those other songs aside unleashing an even heavier source of material that keeps the music fresh.

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