Monster Party’s Ghoulish Gala

We've all heard of the tune known as "The Monster Mash" but would you ever think that, that tune would be formatted for a real existence? Well it somehow happened thanks to the experimental progressive stylings of heavy metallers Monster Party! Britt (vocals), Brent (guitar), Evan (drums), Clift (guitar) and Johnny (bass) have decided to share their thoughts and opinions on what we should expect from their soon to be released full-length debut due out this May as well as what the lowdown is on their all time favorite horror memorabilia that will keep this so-called Monster Party lasting long into the night.

1. When did you start recording the new album?

Britt: We started in March of 2009.Many moons ago.

Clift: We started recording right after I joined the band and I was nervous because it was just Evan and I laying the tracks down. I barely knew the songs. Some we kept, but some we had to go back and rerecord. I’ve been in the band about 2 years now. We took our time writing and getting comfortable playing together as a band. We would record a little along, then our bass player left the band because of his job. Heath Whatley is the man! Love you dude!!! Johnny was recording us already so he finished the bass tracks on the rest of the album and then became a permanent member. It’s taken longer than we wanted because we’re all spread out from each other and some of us are in other bands, and jobs and all.

2. What studio are you using, where is it, and who is your producer?

Brent: We recorded the CD with our very own bass player in his studio Symmetry Studios in Warner Robins Ga. Not only is Johnny a great musician to play with, but he was definitely the mastermind behind the record. I think he really brought out the best in us and really pulled everything together perfectly.

3. Within the time between your last album and this one, how have you grown as songwriters and as musicians?

Britt: I have really stepped up my game as a musician because of the new album. The ideas I get for the lyrics are spawned from the music and the sounds of this CD have made me a better songwriter.

Clift: I joined the band after they recorded the last one but this band has definitely grown. We learned how to actually write a song and not just string together a handful of riffs. We all push each other to be the best we can be. There is absolutely no ego in this band and I think that hinders a lot of bands. The only competition we have is to see if we can make the next song better than the last. We’ve also learned to step back and look at what we do from the outside. We don’t care about fitting in with any one scene or style of music and that gives us the freedom to do whatever we want musically.

4. Going from the inside of the album to the outside, will you be using the same artist you did for "This Party Looks Dead" EP for this cover or be taking a different route? What tactics does Monster Party use to express the music artistically?

Evan: Well, we had a pretty good idea of what we wanted for a cover. We wanted something a bit more...disturbing. The lyrics to the title track directly relate to the cover. The label was awesome enough to assist us with realizing that vision with the artwork.

5. What is being done differently with this album than on your "This Party Looks Dead" EP?

Brent: We definitely took our time with this record. "This Party Looks Dead" was definitely rushed and I think we are just trying to get a product out. We took our sweet ass time with "Existential Displacement". We were very meticulous in the arrangement of every part start to finish. We also tried a lot of new things out on this one too. I feel like we stepped outside of the boundaries of what you'd typically hear on a modern metal record. Don't get me wrong...This album is definitely heavy and I think metal fans old-school and new will dig what we are doing but I feel like we are definitely headed into some unexplored territories with this one and we're just getting started!

6. How much studio time did you put into this album and how has the process been (laid back or stressful, any complications, how has it been working in Georgia?

Britt: One year’s worth!!!! The process has been great working with Johnny. I don’t think anyone would have been so patient with us. I think one problem we all faced was being able to take time off work to record the album. Both of our guitarists live one hour away from where we recorded but we sacrificed to complete the album.

Johnny: I absolutely loved recording this. I was really excited to record us! Given the unorthodox style and amount of things going on musically, it was both fun and challenging trying to put it all together... I haven’t done a project like it ever really.

Brent: As far as Georgia goes, there isn't much going on really. There are some cool venues and then there are some really really shitty venues but we're just trying to stimulate music lovers all over the area and hope to have a positive impact on the music scene down here.

Clift: It’s been laid back and stressful all at the same time. When we recorded the majority of the cd, we didn’t have a label, so we weren’t rushing to get it done on a certain time frame. Then we hooked up with Robot Monster and we kind of went back and analyzed everything making sure what we were doing was how we wanted it to be. We really didn’t change anything at that point though, but it was just kind of overwhelming that someone was expressing that kind of interest in us. Also, it blew our minds that our music was about to be put out where everyone had access to it. I still can’t believe it.

7. When can we expect the records completion and release date?

Brent: Well we finished up the record right at the end of 2009. The album is set to be released on May 11th and we're very excited about it.

8. If you could define your new album with a few words what would they be? What do you think fans will get out of it?

Evan: If you're tired of bands that sing about being angry at their girlfriends and dreaming of killing them, or being angry that they DON'T HAVE girlfriends, give us a shot. We like to bring you into a world of confusion and terror. The beast overcoming the man. Things hidden from mankind, and the reasons they are hidden. Glimpses of alien worlds so vivid that you cannot differentiate them from your waking reality. These are just a few of the things we discuss within our songs.

Britt: Cerebral Bore.

Johnny: I think fans that are musicians will have a unique perspective on what all is going on. The music we make is crazy and I think we come up with some wild stuff. I enjoy thematic music as well, and anyone who likes music that creates imagery, particularly chaos and horror, will really like it.

Clift: From a musical standpoint we just wrote the best music we could. We tried to include everything that we were into and liked into the recording. It doesn’t really sound like anything but us. I hope people will listen to it and enjoy it just as much as we do. That’s all you can ask for isn’t it?

9. What can we look forward to from you guys in 2010?

Evan: We have plans to bring some literary tales to the audile plane. Some real classics of mystery and horror.

Brent: We're definitely excited to tour this year and will be hitting the road in mid May.

Clift: Lots of new music and touring. We plan on trying to get our music out to as many people as we can. We are already working on our next release so it won’t take as long as this one did. It’s going to be a concept album but we can’t really reveal what the concept is of just yet. We’re a really tight running machine now as far as creativity goes. We’re just going to push our abilities further and further every time. We’re going to do a lot of experimenting with soundscapes and textures on our upcoming release.

10. Have you ever thrown a metal tantrum?

Evan: No, that would go against our METAL HEART! It would be bad for our METAL HEALTH!

Britt: No but I threw a metal chair at the last show. It didn’t sit right with me. (Hahaha)

Clift: Well, one time at a show, my tone was sounding horrible, the P.A. sucked, and then a fight broke out. I hate when people come to shows and fight. That was all frustrating so I hurled my guitar at my amp. I broke the guitar and knocked the head off of the cab and it started smoking. I felt a little better but I wish I still had that guitar.

11. Why did you decide to name the new album "Existential Displacement"?

Evan: The song itself is about a split which causes dimensions to crossover, resulting in minds and bodies being caught in alternate realities. Pieces of people's bodies and their minds existing simultaneously in all possibilities trapped everywhere. Never fully existing as you once were, but innumerable experiences. Never knowing sanity and peace again.

Britt: It is the gaps in existence we fill with less threatening human emotions to hide the creatures in all of us.

12. How about your label Robot Monster how are they treating you?

Brent: We've been working with the guys at Robot Monster now for just under a year now and they really have treated us like family. These guys put so much effort and work into the label and their support is the foundation for what we want to accomplish as a band. We're definitely extremely fortunate to have such a great team on our side and couldn't ask for better guidance.

Clift: Yeah, they are super cool dudes who have the same work ethic as we do. They have been really great to us and I can’t wait to see what we do together in the future.

13. Since your name is Monster Party is there always a monster party going on? Have you met all of the ghoulish monsters ... Dracula, Frankenstein, The Mummy, Wolfman, etc.

Brent: Wolfman's got nards and Dracula just won't every go away. No matter how many times one of the Belmont Clan vanquishes him, he always returns.

Britt: It’s always a party and if you’re invited leave your body at the door.

Clift: Creature from the Black Lagoon vacations in my pool for about a week or two every summer. He makes the best tuna rolls.

14. In the talk of all things monster related, what are your all time favorite monster movie and or horror movie?

Brent: "FREAKS"!!! This movie is fucking incredible and some might say it's not really horror but it was made in the 1930's and it scared the shit out of everyone when it came out. It still scares the shit out of me at times. The dialogue is classic and the cast was superb! As for my favorite monster movie, "THE MONSTER SQUAD" takes the STAKE.

Britt: If it’s on Mystery Science Theater 3000 it is my favorite monster movie.

Clift: My favorite monster movie is Zombie. Fulci had the best looking zombies. My favorite horror movie would be the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It scared the shit out of me when I was a kid. The hitchhiker reminded me of people in my hometown. You never knew when someone might flip their shit and start slicing themselves up.

Evan: I prefer to just read H.P. Lovecraft stories, repeatedly.

15. Tell our readers why they should check out Monster Party.

Evan: Because unlike some other Robin Hoods, we can speak with an English accent!

Clift: If they don’t we will throw shrimp at them repeatedly.

Brent: He's not joking.

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