Get the Goods with the MAX 2010 Publicist Chase Wang

The publicist of this year's first annual MAX 2010 event being held out in Los Angeles, California at the Club Nokia venue had the chance to discuss with me just what this MAX 2010 event is all about and what it has to offer its audience.

1. What does your work as being the MAX 2010 Public Relations specialist involve?

Chase: It involves participating in the planning process, negotiating with event participants on appearance and event activities and helping to create as much fun for attendees as possible.

2. Tell me about MAX 2010 what's the meaning behind the name and what does this event consist of?

Chase: MAX represents many different things. Currently, "M" is for Mano-chan (Erina Mano) who will be attending the event and appearing at the screenings (including the World Premiere) of KAI-KI: TALES OF TERROR FROM TOKYO and performing mini-concerts, Q&A, Meet & Greets and an autograph session. "A" is for the Animaid Cafe. And "X" has yet to be disclosed. We will have a small amount of exhibitors and additional events and other celebrities that will be in attendance. MAX 2010 is an event made for fans and has no badge fees-Attendees can access majority of the activities at MAX for free but just pay nominal fees for participating in some of the main events, so please check it out at!

3. What can we expect from attending MAX 2010?

Chase: Well, most importantly, a lot of fun. It is a safe place for people to gather and cosplay and meet friends and make new ones. We will have many fun events throughout the day with instant prizes and such, so stay tuned for more information.

4. Do you need a speical pass in order to attend?

Chase: Nope! MAX 2010 is pretty much a free event for attendees. We only charge a small affordable fee for the main events to help pay for the cost of the venue. For example, the screenings of KAI-KI: TALES OF TERROR FROM TOKYO is about a 3 hour activity that is about $15-20-this comes out to be between $5-7.50 and hour of fun (less than minimum wage)-A great deal in itself! The Animaid Cafe event is a bit more costly due to the food that is catered by Wolfgang Puck-but most definitely the Animaid Cafe has reputation of bringing joy and a highly entertaining experience that is well worth the cost.

5. Who is permitted to attend this event?

Chase: Anyone is able to participate. For some of our events we do have age restrictions-but we tend to be family friendly.

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