Get Your Theme On with Saint Motel: The Interview

Saint Motel is a difficult act to describe but yet very hard to resist and damn right fun overall when it comes to their theatrical set ups performance wise. But when you narrow it all down, Saint Motel is made up of A/J (Vocals,Guitars), A Sharp (Guitar), Greg Erwin (Drums and Dak (Bass), together these musicians constantly experiment over and over again pushing the boundaries of their creativity taking it to a whole new level each and every time. Front man A/J spoke to me briefly about how the band came to be along with the process of how their debut EP came around down to everything else in between with this brief in your face conversation.

1. Tell us about the band, where did the name come from and how did you form?

A/J: We're from all over but we formed in film school from Chatsmen from Orange County and that’s how the band started. I'm from Indianapolis, the guitarist is from the Valley and the bassist is from Thailand, and the drummer is from Northern California.

2. "ForPlay," is out, tell us about it, what does the title mean, what are your favorite tracks off it, how did the CD release show go?

A/J: The EP release show was awesome. Personally I thought I was going to explode the entire time we were playing. The crowd was awesome it was a great experience. It all came together quite well we always have a certain theme and that night we had a sci/fi atmosphere going on. To me the title refers to the beginning of something to come, for instance our band. As far as a favorite track goes, I liked them all actually. There all different and have different origins and stories to them, and what we were going through all that type of stuff I think I love them all as if they’re like children to me.

3. Tell us about the concept behind the "Dear Dictator" and "Butch" music videos.

A/J: We decided to go for it and a lot of friends helped us out and it all came together. It was great fun to do and create.

4. Why do you do what you do, is it because of the fame and fortune, or because of the music.

A/J: I don’t think it’s the fame or fortune because we don’t have that yet. It definitely has to do with the music because we love to create music. We always have and always will.

5. Any last words?

A/J: Our EP is out now and available on iTunes and when you buy it off there you get our music videos for free, so don’t think there has been another band out there that has done that type of thing. Also be sure to watch out for us, we will be hitting your town very soon, because each of our show has a certain theme we throw out there. Our next show is an erotic theme, it’s going to be crazy every single night so come out and have some fun with us.

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