Buckcherry’s Founding Duo Discuses the Many Ways of Kiss

Buckcherry is one of those modern every day hard rock acts that just never seems to fade away or get old as other bands tend to do from time to time. As far as Buckcherry goes, this is an act worthy of a cause and that cause is to create music. Creating music since the band's formation back in 1995 and having 4 albums tucked under their belts, Buckcherry had the chance of a lifetime when going out on tour with Kiss back in 99. Now the time has returned to reunite these mighty warriors with the almighty legends of rock n roll music once again. Lead vocalist Josh Todd and lead guitarist Keith Nelson held a teleconference where a handful of journalists had the chance to talk to these musicians discussing exactly how and why Kiss meant so much to them along with what’s in store come the New Year.

1. When you tour with Kiss do you plan on coming out to jam with the guys?
Keith: If I' am asked I will definitely come out, rocking out with the platform shoes for sure I’ am not afraid.

2. What can the kids expect, when you play with Kiss?

Keith: Nothing like we’ve had a conversation about, I don't really see Kiss, as being one of those bands you see yourself getting on stage with and still feel at home I don’t know. Have you heard anything Josh?

Josh: No we did a full tour with them on our first record 24 shows in Europe - I think it would really take away from the show, with the make-up and crazy production it’s a really great rock show and I don’t think they’re a “jamming” type of band.
3. Why tour with Kiss?

Josh: The reason we’re touring with Kiss is because we really wanted to be involved with the 35 years existence that rock n roll music has established to this day and time. That’s impressive for anybody, to accomplish and they’ve broken a lot of rules and we love it. We’re a rock n roll band and from what I understand is this is a true rock n roll show, this is going to ride out into many years to come and Kiss is one of those bands that always puts on an incredible show hands down.

4. Why now, did you decide to put out this live album?

Keith: Honestly this is the first time that we’ve actually had the opportunity to do it the way we had out wanted to. Luckily we’re back with Eleven Seven Music and there is no reason not to do it.

5. Is the song "Crazy Bitch" based on an actual experience?

Josh: Yeah I came up with the chorus for "Crazy Bitch" while driving around L.A. and it was right around the time the Paris Hilton sex tapes had came out. I thought it was funny how someone had launched their career by a homemade porno and then I started thinking about all the crazy girls I had came encountered with. When I was a young man 18-25 I could never attracted girls who were always insane, great in bed but were sucked when it came to playing the girlfriend role. So I came up with this chorus and called Keith talking to him about how I had wanted it to lie out, so that was simple and easy to figure out. I wanted it to sound like a rap song but more of a rock song vibe. That's basically out it was born. It became a phenomenal and we definitely needed it at the time.

6. How did you choice what songs would go on the album besides the obvious choices of course.

Keith: We wanted to have an actual reputation of what a night in a life of what Buckcherry is about. So we recorded 6 shows, during the spring while out on the Canadian tour and listened back to what we had and took it from there.

7. Do you have a time table as far as when we’ll be hearing new material from you guys?

Keith: We actually do have a time table, we have some great ideas on what we got kicking around and excited about but our main focus is on the upcoming tour but for sure you’ll be seeing some new material come next year.

8. What can you tell us about the song “Highway Star” which is on the enhanced version of “Black Butterfly”?

Josh: It was a song we had done for NASCAR and it became their theme of the year on top of that. We don’t normally do cover songs, it is a Deep Purple cover so we cut the song up a bit and put our own touch on it and it now sounds more like a Buckcherry song. We had wanted to re-release the album so that everyone who got the album could experience the song, plus it sounds so much better blending it with all the other songs.

9. How much has the band matured since the first time you toured with Kiss?

Keith: Not only have we matured, we had 3 different members at the time when we first gone out on tour back in 99, I think when we first toured with them we had finished our first record which wasn’t even released yet and to now have 4 records deep into our career - all of our fans can play with. So now we’re 700/800 shows better than the last time we played with them. *Laughs*

10. Do think there is a lot of pressure on you now, that you’ve matured, and so much longer and confidence.

Josh: There is definitely more confidence, don’t think there is much pressure, I think it’s more excitement to join forces with them once again and its going to be a monstrous rock show being able to learn from what they’ve brought to the table for us to learn off of.

11. Is there going to be a DVD shot at one of the shows on this upcoming tour?

Keith: I don’t know I didn’t hear that rumor.

12. Why should people pick up your live album?

Josh: We have a great reputation for putting on a live show and we worked really hard on this record, we had done a weeklong series of shows, 6 in total, and we wanted to capture that live experience. Being able to play some extended songs here and there and just throw it altogether.

13. How was it to work with Escape the Fate on their latest album, would you ever go on tour with those guys?

Josh: We actually did a show with them in the summer a couple of those shows over out on the East Coast I don’t know if our styles of rock would cut it - but those guys were really but those guys were really fantastic to work with I had a great time we had a lot of fun I’m sure we’ll do it again at some point. Those guys got a real good fan base now and I’m so happy they stuck it out and got a new singer and moved on from what they were dealing with.

14. Any tour anxieties?

Keith: No none whatsoever. Tour anxieties, those like performance anxieties, no we can definitely get it done.

15. When you were growing up was Kiss one of those bands you just heard of or were they a major influence to you guys as a whole.

Josh: I liked how they wrote their songs, very simple not too much clutter within their music, as far as instruments goes, it was just straight up raw rock n roll. That’s pretty much how we were with our music. It’s not just music it’s an art form as well, and they did a really great job with the whole imaginary was just no one had ever done it was incredible.

16. Do you think Kiss deserves the Hall Of Fame?

Keith: They have outlasted everybody taking the commercial parts of rock n roll to a level that no one can even come close to full filling.

17. You had taken out one of the tracks and replaced it with “Highway Star” why?

Keith: It wasn’t as much pulling out as much as putting in. *Laughs* I don’t like records that are too long so thought it was the right move to make.

Josh: As far as the way it rolls out within the line-up the way “Highway Star” plays, it makes it all blend in together.

18. How would you explain the success that “Black Butterfly” has gotten over your previous entries?

Keith: I think there was really 10 long years of hard work put into it all, touring non-stop and we’re one of those bands that will be in your town sooner or later and 100 shows later and work effort there really isn’t anyone else in the market place that know how to do it as well as we do.

19. How would you describe the “marriage” you have with one another?

Keith: When we get together it just works, there are things that we can’t do but when it comes to music we can get it done. That’s what’s lead us to being such a great band, getting better and better. At times we just look at one another and instantly know what we want to accomplish when making music.

20. If you could choice a member of Kiss’s make-up to wear, who would you pick and why?

Keith: I think we’d all be fighting for Paul. *laughs*

Josh: I’d definitely want to be the demon child.

21. Do you have any other projects you’re currently working on?

Keith: We got something in store its’ definitely going to be a departure of what we’re doing.

Josh: Definitely music.

22. How do you feel about Kiss not touring with the whole original line-up?

Keith: Well you’re speaking to 2 guys that know what its like to keep a band together is. I absolutely respect everything that Kiss stands for. You never know what happens behind closed doors, as far as what we say about it, I’m glad that they’re keeping Kiss alive and well.

Josh: It’s going to be a tight and powerful machine when it comes to Kiss.
23. What's it like touring with all these "legendary" artists i.e. Motley Crue, Kiss, who's next on the list?

Keith: Just the sound of chicks with guns, does things for me, we’ve already done some shows with Aerosmith, AC/DC, so we’ve hit the Holy Gail of famous rockers, who’s left The Stones, Metallica, whose left Josh?

Josh: I’d like to tour with Slipknot but don’t think we’re heavy enough, but I’d like to tour with Prince.

24. If you had a chance to be featured on a cartoon show, i.e. South Park, The Simpsons, or Family Guy, which would it be and why?

Josh: I think Family Guy aims towards Buckcherry’s style but I’m not sure how we would fit within the episode but it’d be fun to watch.

25. Any last words?

Keith: Thank you.

Josh: Thank you.

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