Inevitable End Interview

Inevitable End began their journey in 2003 and broke the metal music scene completely away and their installment entitled ?The Severed Inception,? has taken off and will soon amaze and make your mind go crazy with lyrical themes unlike any you?ve heard before with guitar roaring riffs that blast you completely off the walls. Inevitable End?s has made their music creation known and doesn?t plan on fading away anytime soon so here?s a heads up on their musical talents put to out-standing work. A brief interview was conducted with the band who gave their opinions on their latest creation of doom!

1. Introduce yourself; tell me what you do in Inevitable End, and how long the band has been together.

Hello there. The current setting is Joakim-drums, Andreas-vocals,
Marcus-guitar and Emil-bass and we?ve been around since 2003.

2. You guys are from Sweden, what is the music scene like there?

The music scene is very good here in Sweden and we got a lot of great bands in all different genres. The metal/hardcore scenes are growing very fast!

3. Is there any story or concept behind your CD title "The Severed Inception"?

Guess there are different paths to walk in life, which eventually ends up in a set or chosen goal. This album is more or less about choosing with an honest heart which path to walk, even when thousands of voices try to steal our attention and force the masses into a certain pattern or way of living. It's about going against the flow.

4. Any plans for touring the U.S. anytime soon?

Yes we got plans and are very thrilled to tour the U.S, but nothing confirmed yet.

5. How's the New Year treating you?

It?s treating us good. Our album will be released march 17 on Relapse
Records and we have some tours coming up. 2009 are gonna be a great year!

6. "The Severed Inception," is (in my opinion) the catchiest and has great meaning behind it. Can you talk about the creation of "The Severed Inception," as a song- where it started, etc.

Actually it started that we just tried to do the most brutal and fastest song we could do. And I think we did it quite good. :P

7. Where did you get ideas and inspirations for some of the lyrics on "The Severed Inception"?

It's found in living life itself and in seeing how the society is on a downfall as the organized system through politics, religions etc. steal the freedom of mankind.

8. What are your future plans for Inevitable End?

We have some tours in the near future and are very excited for the release gig here in Gothenburg with great bands playing such as: By night,
No Hawaii and As You Drown. And we gonna start write new material soon, harder, faster and crazier!

9. What do you think of this year's presidential election? Do you agree with what Obama's saying "Time for change?" Do you think there will be any change done?

I agree with what Bob Dylan said 1963: "The times they are changing but it?s hard to say, but I hope there will be better times now. Barack seems to be a good guy!

10. Would you ever want to do an all acoustic show, like most bands turn to from time to time? Maybe try to stir up an acoustic mosh pit?

Probably not.

11. What would you compare your music too, out of the variety of bands out there.

It?s so many good bands out there so it?s hard to create something new.
We want to mix the most brutal deathmetal with some of the craziest shit.
We like all kind of different bands and hopefully we will make our own sound.

12. What bands have you toured with? Are there any that you would definitely want to tour with?

We haven?t tour that much yet, but we did a couple of shows here in
Sweden with Avatar and Sonic Syndicate before they got so hyped. It would be cool to tour with bands like: Origin and spawn of possession I think

13. Are you hyped for the Superbowl?

No actually not. Superbowl in Sweden is like a poop in the water

14. When you look back on when Inevitable End first started out, what do you think of you guys now?

Most of the original guys aren?t in the band anymore, and I think we got much better along the way. And the guys in the band are very good guys

15. Any final words of wisdom, thoughts or comments?

"Growing old is just an easy way of dying." - Benjamin Thomas

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