SexMess Interview

SexMess is a talented hard rock and roll sensation that is tearing up the music scene everywhere they roam. Their catchy lyrics and upbeat guitar riffing solos with hard pacing drum beats keeps the music uplifting and entertaining every tune played. SexMess is a major addition to the music scene capturing the similarities of Motley Crue, Velvet Revolver, down to Avenged Sevenfold. These rock and rollers will not be forgotten not by a long shot!

1. In your own words, what does SexMess do differently than other bands? What elements set you apart most?

We’re just fun man! We put passion in our music which a lotta bands don’t do any more, it’s so clinical. We know how to have a good time, but we’re fuckin A on our instruments as well. There’s this gap begging to be filled by exciting, GOOD music and it’s this big, juicy SexMess which is gonna squeeze on in!

2. Any works on an E.P. or album anytime soon?

Yeah we’re working on it! But it won’t happen soon, these things take time… They didn’t rush Leonardo D’Angelo when he was painting that roof or whatever.

3. Out of your list of influences on your Myspace page, which band inspires you the most, and what do they mean to you?

Guns n Roses! Rob put it best – he’d be a nice, sober guy if it wasn’t for them. J wouldn’t have picked up the guitar if it wasn’t for Slash. There are others though; Motley Crue made Jess pick up a guitar (although Guns made him be good at it). J loves Hendrix as well and Danny’s a huge Cult fan.

4. Taking into consideration current economical times, have you noticed an increase or decline in the number of kids making it out to live shows?

We only played one show and it was packed! Anyway our shows are so good people should be selling kidneys and lungs to come!

5. Many bands experience levels of success they can’t reproduce stateside, and vice versa. How is SexMess received overseas and how do you think SexMess is perceived in America?

We’re gonna be huge… Bigger than Obama, oh yeah! We dunno how we’re received yet, we’ve only been going a few months… but if you look at Google Trends for “Sex Mess”, it says we’re big in Romania!

6. Have critics tagged you with any stigmas you would like to get rid of, perhaps by clumping you in genres you don’t belong?

Nah not really, we haven’t had any sort of criticisms yet. Someone did once say we made mediocre music but we were just like “Yeah mediocre SIGNED music, bitch! After one gig! What have you done?!” But yeah nothing like that yet, no.

7. What’s the concept behind the new music shoot you plan to shoot?
No concept, just rock! It’s one of those classic videos with live shots, studio shots & backstage stuff, like the first Guns videos, like Paradise City… (we thought of it first though!) There are some proper good arty shots as well with lights and smoke… its awesome!

8. When do you think we will be seeing SexMess out on tour and coming over to the US?

We just got signed so hopefully won’t be too long! Watch this space… or our MySpace.

9. How did the band name come about; what does it mean?

It’s not just about spunk! It’s cleverer than that! It was originally the name for this powdery concoction (a secret Chinese recipe) Jess would knock back all night that made everything like a nice, strange dream. Then the name just seemed to stick – like spunk – cos of how it reflects the life of sex, binging and chaos, as well as our sound and look – raw and punk, but still pretty hot.

10. Have any other thoughts or comments you’d like to make before we wrap things up?


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