Wormholedeath's 10th Anniversary Celebration, Onsetcold Release New Single "Gloomy Sunday" And Releases FREE Wormholedeath Sampler 2017/2018 Edition

10 years ago, Wormholedeath had issued the following press release:

"Thanks to the precious support from Aural Music Group, Wormholedeath is born and takes form from a project that I and the bands involved have been working on for about 2 years. Aural music has given us great experience in the field of music distribution and label management, through its large distribution and marketing network. "

"With the following statement, we also reveal the name of the first great band signed. Onsetcold - "Onsetcold" whd 001 (Wormholedeath / Aural Music / Spv) is scheduled for March 7, 2008."

After 10 years Wormholedeath has grown bigger and stronger. With new offices in Japan, Norway, Usa and 200 releases the label can finally celebrate the 10th anniversary by announcing Onsetcold's comeback. Onsetcold have released a new song titled "Gloomy Sunday" found HERE.

Carlo Bellotti stated - "I am beyond excited and proud to see my label in great health which has grown bigger after 10 years of hard work. The new deals we have signed with The Orchard and Warner Chappell Music have given us the opportunity to grow and expand our horizons, both from an artistic point of view and the sheer scale of the network and amount of releases. Aural Music Group has provided us with a stable, reliable and solid support throughout the years always representing the landmark of our origins: a shared love of music and all it entails. I would like to thank everybody that helped me to make this dream come true. Emiliano Lanzoni, Natascia Pribac, Masahiko Kishimoto, Giulia Gori, Sara Lunardelli, A. Corey, everybody at Warner Chappell Holland BV, Onsetcold, all the bands that we are working with, all the journalists and media that have supported us throughout the years and last but not least the label partners in Italy and all around the world. Furthemore, Onsetcold's comeback is one of the biggest surprises for 2018. This album will make you all feel like crap and throw you down into the deepest spiral or depression and insanity. Many bands claim they did or are able to do it...Bullshit, never felt like this before... Probably "only theatre of pain" touched me that deep. Before you feel like shit for real, you need to listen to this. Hardcore discontinuity, pure suicidal depression melted into epic classical music, opera and the most apocalyptic electronic patterns. Absolute devastation with not even one single scream or cheap "heavy" bullshit. Get ready for the spew, Onsetcold are back, to celebrate WORMHOLDEATH's 10th anniversary."

Shaq / Onsetcold stated - "The year is long and time is short, but still we are here 10 years later. With being the first band that Wormholedeath signed, we are very humbled to represent the record label all these years later on the 10th anniversary of Wormholedeath. The idea behind the song is to show empathy for how and why a human could destroy their own reality in order to conform to a society’s expectations or ideals. And for one to feel lonely despite the billions of other humans on the same planet. For someone to take their own life must take a lot of thought and hopefully this song could give anyone breathing space to make sense of their own reality; to perhaps understand that they are not alone. If we can find the beat within our hearts, to look out for each other and change our course of self-destruction, then maybe death is not the answer but only the question. The 2nd album out for release in 2018 brings the latest single “Gloomy Sunday”, which is greatly influenced by the “Hungarian Suicide Song”, Funeral March by Chopin. Onsetcold has always been influenced by philosophy, existentialism, metaphysics and the human condition. The band name Onsetcold means the beginning of the end, heterotrophic theory that all beginnings start with an end. I do not feel the same as in 2003 when I created this band, so in turn I have not written in the same style. I find it really hard to give it a genre but all I can say is, I am quite surprised as much as I hope you will be when it is released. The forthcoming album will take the same unorthodox approach as the single and hopefully give Onsetcold a different perspective. Be sure it will sound extreme but content with its openness to embrace many genres (including but not limited to the Metal family tree). With many misunderstandings and ideological changes since inception in 2003, Onsetcold thanks former band member’s and looks forward to entropy in this next phase."

Furthermore, to celebrate even more this special and unique event, Wormholedeath published a free sampler with 37 songs taken from albums released throughout 2017/2018. You can download the sampler by clicking on the image below or by following this link : http://www.wormholedeath.com/home/index.php/downloads.

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