Robert Ashley - The Drugs Didn't Last Forever

Robert Ashley's 25 year career span of performing with some of the best bands in the Northeast, is coming a brief stand still for he is on his own, doing an all new project. This project being the works of an acoustic project, coming in the shape of an album titled "Premiere. Farewell." with accompanying single called "The Drugs Didn't Last Forever".

Now how his ways of acoustic working's crafts itself outward, is like this, like most acoustic projects, by various artists and bands out there, his works are more laid back. A rather easy listening experience, that showcases a more matured sound, that is also very rounded. Like how his vocalization works into the melodies of the instrumentals, is done really well. The vocals sounding crisp and clear as possible. It makes the instrumental portions, more flawless, that the tone of beat, begins to be more gripping to the ears. It's a type of pacing that is mellow yet keeps up with a steady pace that makes the beat catching.

In terms of the song's material goes, it's supposedly about dealing with drugs, that the person experienced, and it being hard to let go of doing them. That added layer, makes the music more melodic yet groovy, it makes the styling worth listening. More or less, the track tends to shift in pace, having one source at one moment, then switches over another moment.

Mixing things up, does make this single that is "The Drugs Didn't Last Forever", more unique and original. Robert Ashley as a whole, really just has his own take of the acoustic genre, making it his own creation, but keeping it to a stance that others can familiarize with, no problem.

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