Naberus' James Discusses of the Hollow!

Australian metal act Naberus will be releasing their brand new album titled "Hollow" this summer through Eclipse Records. They have already released the title track as their newest single turned video release. Frontman vocalist James, discusses the album titled "Hollow" and what other plans these guys have for this year!

1. If you want to introduce yourself to our readers first of all, who are you and what to you do in the band?!

Hey! I'm James the vocalist.

2. Where does a name like Naberus come from and even represent for the band?

We were stuck when we were trying to name the band, we wanted something that fitted but was original that no one had.

I ran into a wikipedia page about a demon called Naberus.  He is supposed to be able to take the form of a three headed dog, have a harsh voice, present himself as friendly and well spoken and makes men cunning at all art forms. I thought it suited the aggressiveness of our music along with having some cool imagery options. The only downside is it's a hard one to say, we pronounce it Nab-Ber-Rus.

3. What other influences outside of music does the band have?

When it comes to writing the music It's hard to pinpoint what from the outside influences me. Sometimes it can be me being in a bad mood after an argument or conversely in a really excited mood after some good news. Sometimes it's even when I'm watching the AFL, NBA or NHL (I'm a big sports fan) I just get an urge that I have to pick up a guitar and start playing and it generally turns into the start of a new song.

4. Which influences does the band have when it comes to music?

Music wise we all like different things, but I'm certainly influenced by metalcore, thrash, nu and melodic death metal.  As I Lay Dying, Trivium, Slipknot, The Haunted, Linkin Park, Arch Enemy, Bring Me The Horizon, Megadeth, Metallica, Limp Bizkit, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, Architects, Korn, The list goes on. All of those bands have influenced my writing at some point. If it's heavy and catchy I probably love it and it's probably influenced me.

5. What sort of topics does your music tend to discuss?

A lot of our music focuses on dealing with anxiety and depression, but with hollow there's a lot of themes present in the album.  From being unhappy with the state of the government in Australia to Child pornographers meeting the justice they deserve.

6. Which came first, the theme of the album or the music?

The music comes first and then I vibe from that what the theme will be.

7. How about the lyrics and music, which of those came first?

Music and vocal melodies and patterns always come first for me. I get the vibe of what I'm going to write for lyrics from the music itself. I'm not very good at rant writing and fitting it into a song later like I know some of my peers do.

8. You are set to release your new album "Hollow", so tell me a little bit about it?

"Hollow" is definitely the most groove orientated music we have ever written.

It's heavy, full of melodies and hopefully people enjoy it as much as we're enjoying the change playing it on stage. It's a different vibe to our first release "The Lost Reveries" But I think you can definitely tell it's still us.

9. When it comes down to the material, how does it compare and contrast between your previous album?

The last album I was on guitar and while writing for guitar I enjoyed doing a few more dual harmonies and solo's. I have moved to just being a vocalist now (as honestly it's much more fun not being planted to a mic stand) and whilst we definitely still keep those elements they aren't quite as present in "Hollow" and it focuses more on groove with melodic overtones and big choruses.

10. What is the album about as a whole, would you say?

"Hollow" as a whole I would say isn't about any of the particular themes within the lyrics.
"Hollow" is about channeling all the pent up anger, sadness and aggression and having a collection of songs to help release that.

11. You have released the title track "Hollow" as a single turned video, discuss!

Well honestly we don't take ourselves too seriously so we felt like doing something slightly different for the hollow video clip. It starts off with us driving to play a show and then whilst distracted by an intense game of rock, paper, scissors we hit a pedestrian, The rest of the clip focuses on how we dispose of the body. Hopefully people can see the humor in it, we certainly had a fun day filming it.

12. What else have you got planned for the rest of 2018?

We are planning to play shows across Australia, Do some more video clips and of course write new music, we always try to be writing all the time.

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