Micah Wilshire says New EP is Good to Go with Shows to Follow!

Micah Wilshire began playing music at a very young age, since then he has grown into the man he is nowadays, still making music, doing all he can to be around its aura. That said, Micah himself goes into discussion about his latest single "Woman", and the EP "Manifesto", and what his plans are for the future.

1. Who or what got you into wanting to get involved with music in the first place and why?

I have had a love for music for as long as I can remember. 

My dad trained me from a very young age. I started singing when I was 3 and then playing drums in my dad’s band at 8.

2. Why did you think that naming this project after yourself as Micah Wilshire, was the right decision to make?

3. When it comes to your influencers and lyrical concepts, who and what do those involve would you say?

My influences range from Chet Baker, Wes Montgomery to the Beatles. Lyrically, I love classic and pop writers like Bernie Taupin, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen.

4. You went on to release your new single turned video titled "Woman", on of all days International Women's Day for 2018, was this set up on purpose?

I felt it was important for this song to be released on international women’s day because that day is an incredibly important day for society. It’s a day that will hopefully be a spring board for us all to recognize and appreciate women ... and each other. It should happen every day.

5. Can you disclose the details about this single and it's video's concept and why should we check it out?

"Woman" was written a year earlier about a particular woman. The song took on a life of its own and became a stage for the women in the video to pick a word that meant something special to them. A word that defines them.

I love that songs can transcend their original purpose and become more.

6. "Woman" comes off your EP "Manifesto", will there be any more tracks off this EP to get a single and or video release as this track had done?

Absolutely. I’m turning it into a full album as we speak. The next single is a song called ‘In the Stars’. A fun, good time love song.

7. What is it about this EP "Manifesto", that we should care about or invest our time in checking out?

Hopefully, listeners will connect with the lyric and enjoy/be moved by the songs themselves. I had some incredible world class players involved. John Patitucci, Willie Weeks and Nir Z. Super tasteful performances.

8. How would you describe the EP "Manifesto" as a whole?

It’s an organic songwriters approach to jazz. Singer songwriter jazz.

9. What's the story behind the EP's titling of "Manifesto"?

The title reflects the far that this is my first venture as a solo artist. A coming out. Revealing some of who I am. I’ve been behind the scenes my whole career in music... and I love that. I’ve sung on various #1 singles for other artists, mixed #1 singles and sung on multi platinum albums. But "Manifesto" is me as the artist. 

10. Where does the artwork behind the EP's cover come from and relate to the music found upon the EP release?

The art work and pictures are classic - while still being modern... like I believe the music is.

11. Why did you want to go and release an EP as opposed to an album?

That’s a great question. I originally did think I should do an EP, then release another shortly thereafter. But I’ve since decided to complete is as a full album. To give a better picture of my style.

12. Where does 2018 plan to take you as far as shows and planning things out go?

2018 is exciting already. The full album will be released in 2 months and shows through out the summer.

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