Joys Of Wasteland Releases New Single "Grab by the Neck"

Finnish metallers Joys Of Wasteland has released a new two track single "Grab by the Neck".

"We chose these two songs to represent the diverse of our music. The other one is all about melodic death metal and the other one makes you jump around like a maniac. It was time to start recording our own music and we made the greatest decision to go to the Fantom studio leading Samu Oittinen. Songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by Samu." Says Juha-Matti Vinkka, the guitar player of Joys Of Wasteland.

Band describes the tracks: ""Grab by the neck" can be described like wild bear running towards the prey. Everything is simplified to the very essential, climaxing at the beautiful solo. The second song "Joys of Wasteland" is older music from the bands' very beginning. The music is just raw power, telling how nature selection becomes once again a great theme among humanity, after nuclear war has wiped everything except only a bunch of survivors."

Listen the single via Spotify:

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