Hail The Hatter - Discovering Light

Hail The Hatter is dedicated to bringing the "fun" back to rock music! Hence forth their EP "Discovering Light", will do just that, doing so as a matter of fact with flying colors. As if their EP cover art wasn't already consumed with color affects, as is, this band has got this! That said, the EP starts off with an intro, "The Coming of the Hatter", leading into "Bone Grin", an instant hard rock punch to the face pretty much. Now the other tracks like "God Bless The Beast", "A.O.A.U.", "White Walls", and the title track "Discovering Light", are likely the pure wholesome truth to come from this EP release. It makes this EP what it is, pure hard rock, with a dash of metal, thrown in for good measurements. Think of the act Sevendust or Korn, that's what you get when listening in to an act like Hail The Hatter. This intensity with mellow undertones, that makes it all worth wild, of an adventuring experience. Thus, that is how their EP "Discovering Light", comes down to being like, upon hearing it, as a whole or as a an act of musicians, just creating music that fits them.

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