Charming Liars Releases New Single and Video for "Like A Drug"

Los Angeles alt rockers Charming Liars have launched their addictive new single "Like A Drug" with an early add on Spotify's New Noise playlist and a premiere of the video @ Alternative Press.  The video is a gritty look at the harsh realities of drug addiction.

The band's Karnig Manoukian says: "It’s not unusual for a song like this to write itself. A song that illuminates the painful sides of love that are easy to overlook, especially when something beautiful is looking you in the eyes. This song captures what it’s like to be on the dangerous side of the gun we call love. "Like A Drug" is about every failed escape that brings you that much closer to the thing you know you should be running from. I think most people can relate to the feelings of a toxic relationship in some way or another. That’s what makes the theme of this song so universal.
"Like A Drug", captures two things that humanity knows all too well: pain and love. In the pain of love lies the rites of passage that bring us all together."

"Like A Drug," which was filmed and directed by Phillip Lopez, is the first of a short trilogy called "Spoon".  The other videos in the trilogy are "Time To Start," serving as the trilogy's part two, and "Insomnia," which serves as part three. The music video set is scheduled to appear in film festivals, including the prestigious Sundance Film Festival later this year and early into next year.

Check out the video of the track "Like A Drug" HERE.

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