The Pink Spiders Launches Kickstarter For New Album "Mutations"

The Pink Spiders have announced the launching of their kickstarter campaign for their new album "Mutations", with the detail input below!

"They said it couldn't be done. They said it shouldn't be done. But soon, done is what it will be did.

THE PINK SPIDERS ARE MAKING A NEW RECORD! (with your help, that is)

We have what is, in our humble opinion, the best collection of songs we've ever put to tape ready to go. With your financial support, next month we'll be entering the studio to make our first full length LP since 2008. Our Kickstarter campaign for our new LP "Mutations" kicked off yesterday, won't you check it out?

Prizes include signed LPs, shirts, posters, visits to the studio, FaceTime with the band, stage-worn pink and black striped pants, and much more! Look, if there's something you want, name it. You can have it. Let's just make this record ok?

Spread the word! send this email to all your rich friends who make poor decisions! THIS IS THE KICKSTARTER LINK, LET'S DO THIS THING!"

Check it out via here:

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