Sinestro Joins Black Lion Records for Release Of EP "Arctic Blood"

Founded in 2012 by Linus Öhrn known from IXXI and Sebastian Rojas, who previously played in bands together. With the new addition Joel Fox Apelgren on bass, trion is now ready to develop his music and drive on just like before.

Previously, the band members were known from Graverape Ritual, but the chemistry did not match all members, so they decided to close that project. So after we laid down the band, we founded Siniestro and because of the lack of bassist in the beginning, I took the role of both bassist and guitarist as well as the singer in the recording of the record, tells Linus Öhrn, singer and guitarist.

The name Siniestro is Spanish and means accidentally, the name was the suggestion of Sebastian Rojas who is drummer in the band, telling that he had a list of different names and because Siniestro sounded good in both Swedish and English they chose it. The bassist Joel joined November last year and is a welcome feature of the band.

"For the first time, it feels like we have a dream team, Joel is a cruel bassist and it feels good to be able to come with him on the next plate. Now we can develop the songs and especially the interaction between bass and drums before we get started, before we have just driven, and because metal does not contain so much bass it has worked. But now we have the chance to do something even better, even though we will not make things more advanced than they are, but just develop the songs. So already, I can feel that upcoming albums will be awesome". Linus says.

Having toured with heavy acts like Destruction the band is now ready to unleash their new EP "Arctic Blood", but before it all will be burned down to ashes a video is underway directed and shoot by the famous producer Owe Lingvall known for working with Meshuggah. Expect fire, blood, and loads of chaos. The EP is mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren known for working with high end bands like Arch Enemy, Rotting Christ,Dimmu Borgir, At The Gates and more. Teaser coming this week. The Video features nearly 100 gallons of genuine Pigs blood  Fire and pure mayhem. in your face hard hitting.

Sinestro are:
Commander : Guitar, Vocals
The Machine : Drums
BassRiot : Bass


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