Serpico Releases Video for "Lightning Thunder Baby"

Finnish hard'n'heavy rockers Serpico have released a new video and a single titled "Lightning Thunder Baby" from their upcoming album "Rock Tattoo" that will be released on February 9th 2018.

The music video was filmed on their tour at Latvia's capital Riga. The trip was full of rock'n'roll "glamour".

The venue had organized accommodation for the band at local hostel. After a bit longer search the band found the hostel from the upstairs of a fast food restaurant. Band's negotiation skills however went to a test when they needed to convince the movie-like character (chain smoking older gentleman) behind the desk that the accommodation was really confirmed to this hostel. Hostel's bathroom facilities affirmed the movie-like atmosphere as some black slime started to come up from the floor drain and the water turned to suspiciously brown during the shower.

After successful gig at the local venue the band headed back to the hostel to get some sleep before next day's trip to another city. At night time the band members woke up and nearly suffered a heart failure as the previously presented chain smoking older gentleman had appeared to their room, watching them and smoking a cigarette. After the band had calmed down they convinced him to leave and then barricaded the room door so they could continue their sleep.

That night time incidence with the hostel geezer was such an unforgettable moment that Serpico decided to thank him on the end credits of the music video.

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