Sanguine Glacialis Gets Signed, Release "Monsters" Video, and New Album "Hadopelagic" Coming Soon

Experimental death metal act Sanguine Glacialis have signed a distribution deal with Wormholedeath for the world wide release of their upcoming new album titled "Hadopelagic", which is produced by Chris Donaldson Of Cryptopsy, set for release this Spring on April 6th 2018!

Without darkness there can be no light, Sanguine Glacialis have stared into the very blackest pit, and, inspired by what they saw there, forged sonic masterpieces of the darkest beauty, it is not surprising their name means ‘frozen blood’ in Latin!

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sanguine Glacialis have shared the stage with Dark Tranquility, Omnium Gatherum, Delain, Hammerfall, Unexpect, Necronomicon and many more. The dark heart of Sanguine Glacialis is vocalist/keyboardist Maude, the sole original member left in the band. She describes their sound as "unique, original, intense and dark".

Maude is enthusiastic about their new songs. "We took a huge step forward with this album and fans will appreciate it much more than the previous one. Everything is better in this one in my opinion. We want to show the new direction of the band. We want to show how much we’ve grown and how much the band has changed between the two albums. This album is a very dark part of my life, and it's something that everybody lives in their own way, and I hope this album will help fans go through their own difficulties.” Lyrically, Maude avoids the usual metal clichés. “Most of the songs are personal experiences that I wrote in the form of stories and legends."

Maude promises that Sanguine Glacialis offer a very different live experience. "What really makes this band special is the vast variety of influences we have. It goes from technical death metal to classical, through nu metal, rock, jazz, pop, rap, world music, and so much more.On stage, we bring our own theatrical style as well as a dark atmosphere that fits our songs. We have our own dynamic, and I play keyboards and sing at the same time during the show, which is also a change from the typical front-woman!"

The band released the official video for the song "Monsters", taken from the upcoming album "Hadopelagic". Check it right over HERE.

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