Ranzel X Kendrick - What A Pretty Day

He goes by Ranzel X Kendrick why that is no one knows but he. The artist is unusually particular about this for some reason, but again who else would know this, but Ranzel X Kendrick. In any case though, Ranzel K Kendrick has released a song taken from his album "Texas Sagebrush", the track in question being called "What A Pretty Day".

The track after listening in a few times over becomes one of those types of tracks that is quite joyful yet very joyous to a point, it becomes more laid back. Having that type of atmosphere going for it, that you find "What A Pretty Day", to be just a track filled with so much more. The track itself, goes into detail about, not having anything get to you, enjoying how the day in question is merely pretty, what a day it is, just take it in, and enjoy it for what it is. You see where the meaning to this song goes, in terms of the titling and the meaning behind it.

It's how this track goes really. It has an upbeat melody, with an overbearing rhythm that keeps it all in check and tune with one another. Like how the song plays out, it becomes filled with optimism, that so much detail is put into it, from the song's meaning, to the instrumental and vocal work as well. It can all be heard rather well yet nicely thought out. For instance the tone of the music, really crafts together the folk, rock, energy that Ranzel X Kendrick is creating with his music. All of which is very toe tapping yet adds on more flare of jazzy work thrown in to top it all off. He is able to pull in from numerous area's that it builds together into one nice strum of music.

In other words, "What A Pretty Day", by Ranzel X Kendrick taken from his album "Texas Sagebrush", is a piece of track, that has energy, momentum, and angst, that keeps the rhythms alive and well. Surely finding this track on repeat, will put glee into your joy, that will never cease to exist.


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