Protosequence Releases Drum Playthrough Video for "Parasitic"

Teaming up with GearGods, Protosequence's drummer Logan Vars is showcasing his pounding force and technicality with a new playthrough for the band's track "Parasitic".

Vars comments: "Parasitic was the first single we released off "Biophagous" and is the most Tech-Death song on it. Lots of blast beats with some neat-o fills that I'm pretty proud of. It has been a goal of mine for awhile to release a one-take, unedited playthrough and I couldn't be happier with how this turned out. I'd like to thank my friends Nick of Nick Laird Videography for the steady cam/video editing and Andrew of Echo Tree Audio for recording, mixing, and mastering the audio. Also, big thanks to my band mates Kyle, Jacob, Joe, and Parker for being so rad, Cara Ashbey for all her hard work, and Gear Gods for picking up this video!"

Watch the "Parasitic" playthrough at the following link:

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