Pale Monsters - All This Time We Wait

Pale Monsters is a fresh take on how Chris Mulvey ensembles his music whit's and ways. Thus forth, this alternative rock act has taken their newest single "All This Time We Wait", as a celebration remark, for it is this track that sets off how and why Pale Monsters are who they are. When first listening to such a track as this one, you get an immediate feeling of Déjà vu, of where or whom had I heard this particular style beforehand. It could have been any act out there but when it comes down it, Pale Monsters brings out a familiarity to that of Coldplay. Having very familiar sources of style of sound, in the instrumental craft, down to the vocalization of the chorus and general texture of how the song is sung. It's all about how, everything is brought together, it makes the track more rounded and well thought out. How the melodies and harmonics work together, make it more upbeat, very catchy, and just lots of fun. It's a track of style that can be enjoyed throughout the entire year really. Pale Monsters other working's has the same momentum of energy. "All This Time We Wait", is just another number that keeps the music pulsing and pumping through and through.

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