Lilyer Releases New Song "Never Getting Closer"

Oslo, Norway-based independent label Jansen Records (Death By Unga Bunga, Chain Wallet, Darling West) are thrilled to announce the debut EP from dream-pop artist Lilyer titled "Maybe This Is All You Can Be", due out Friday, April 13, 2018. Lead single "Never Getting Closer", premieres now on Brooklyn Vegan who called it "a dose of synthy, ’80s-ish dream-pop with a pretty, anthemic chorus."

 Lilyer has the following to share on her writing process for the track: "I wrote "Never Getting Closer" while home in Norway for the summer. When you live far  away from the place you used to call home, visiting it can be a fragile moment. You spend so  much time longing for the places and people you’ve left behind, that the expectations rarely are met. It was one of those songs that just appeared; I didn’t think about it too hard, and only after the fact did it strike me how much of an emblematic statement it was for me. Since some turbulent years in my teens, I’ve led a transient life in many ways, bouncing from place to place and never setting down roots anywhere, and I’ve always carried with me this feeling of not belonging anywhere. In some ways it was a compulsion I needed to confront, and this song helped me do so. Songwriting isn’t therapy for me, but it can bring you face-to-face with yourself in a way that is at times painful and often necessary."

Check it right over HERE.

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