Inner Circle Avenue Releases New Single and Video for "Goin' Nowhere Fast"

Toledo, OH based alternative rock band Inner Circle Avenue has released a video for their single, "Goin' Nowhere Fast," off of their 2016 released, debut EP, "Greetings from the Inner Circle".

Says the foursome about the track: "The song, "Goin’ Nowhere Fast", illustrates young souls looking for a sense of belonging in a confusing and tumultuous world. The fruits of your labor combined with life’s passions far too often fall short of expectations. Clouded by a sense of pure determination, one could become misguided. However, youthful ambitions triumph over a repressed society. Through the song, "Goin’ Nowhere Fast", we have acknowledged our inner struggles and overcome them through an overwhelming sense of family and friendship."

Check out the new single turned video right over HERE.

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