ClickASnap – Get paid when someone views your photos! Could this revolutionize the way the industry shares photos?

How many of us post our day to day photos online? Can you imagine getting paid when someone looks at them? Well thanks to Tech entrepreneur Tom Oswald, now you can!

ClickASnap is an exciting new site that promises to pay its users when someone views their content. It’s a dream for artists, business owners, photographers, right up to your average social user. A site not just created for business but music, film and art fans alike. Even better, it’s free to upload your photos!

The site also has some big names backing the brand like world renowned photographer Mike Brown.

"I am an avid photographer and was tired of watching photo hosting sites like Facebook, Instagram and many more make money off my photos as well as take the rights to my content use as they wish. Having seen the success of YouTube and Spotify’s monetisation programs I realized that we could emulate these, but for photos, and ClickASnap was born.

Where you can upload photos for free, people can look at them for free but a percentage of the revenue the site earns from its multiple revenue streams is shared with the content creators. Whilst it’s not huge amounts of money per view, it is more than anywhere else pays me per view!

The site also offers on demand printing capabilities and has a huge plethora of features as well as 700,000+ images viewed per month. We have big plans for 2018 including a whole host of new features, and there being no cost to use the site, why would you not upload your photos to the site?"– Tom Oswald

Check out a video discussing all of this right HERE.

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