Blameshift to Attend Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California in Support of Rock N Roll Inspired Jewelry Strüng

Long Island, NJ rock band Blameshift will be attending the 2018 Winter NAMM in Anaheim, California January 25-28.The band will be there in support of their rock n roll inspired guitar string jewelry brand Strüng and will have a booth set up at NAMM in space 7813.

Their brand new bracelet called the Ü Collection Line for Men is debuting at winter NAMM. It's the first ever first adjustable bass guitar string bracelet for men on the market. It incorporates a heavier gauge string and will first come in silver, then several other colors throughout the year.

Strüng is a rock n roll inspired jewelry line made from authentic guitar strings and Born in the USA. It was created by real musicians for music lovers. Each unique piece has a song title that inspires a customer to "Find Your Song" when shopping the line.

In July 2014 singer Jenny Mann and Tim Barbour of the rock band Blameshift were touring the country when the idea for Strüng was born. By mid-September they had sold over 2,000 bracelets at their shows. Strüng officially launched as a national brand in July 2016 and is currently in over 100 stores in 4 countries.

There are 27 charm bracelets in the original line with new ones getting added each season. Each charm bracelet has a song title associated with it and is part of a music themed collection which taps into many music genres.

In early 2017 Strüng released a necklace line called, the "Rock Goddess Choker Chord" as well as a unisex Beaded line called, "The Rock Warrior Collection." The Rock Warrior Beaded Line incorporates the ball ends from a bass guitar and have corresponding song titles more in the hard rock world.

Strung gives a portion of its profits to support music education for underprivileged children.

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