Bad Santa Project Releases New Video for "X-Mas Tree"

Bad Santa Project (Sevastopol, the Crimea) is a metal band without a permanent line-up, so the band gathers once a year with different musicians to behave like some musical hooligans focusing on the New Year topics. This time the band presents an ecologically friendly thriller "X-mas Tree", featuring all acting and former members of Heather Wasteland (3-bass Heretical Folk Art Horde) and the singer of Ethnor (progressive death metal). Enjoy!

The Ones Who appeal to the human race to respect Mother Nature and give up cutting any living new year trees, are as follows:

Vladimir Ryazanov - vocal (Ethnor)
Anatoliy Polovnikov - drums (Heather Wasteland, ex-Paranormal Activity)
Alexander Vetrogon - 6-string bass, video, axe (Paranormal Jazz, ex-Heather Wasteland)
Sergey Pavlov - 4-string bass, axe (Heather Wasteland)
Andrey Anikushin - 4-string bass (New Guns For Free, ex-Heather Wasteland)
Sergey Seratonin - mixing and mastering (Seratonin Studio)

The video is available here:

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