Ashley Worhol Presents "Testify" An Excerpt From Her Book "Perception"

Recording artist and published author, Ashley Worhol, has created a visual world for her audience to join her on quite an experience. Her most recent book, "Perception", invites you to view life through her eyes. She takes you on a journey through colorful imagery and stories that one might see on a movie screen. "Testify" is an excerpt from her book, "Perception". This poem is very personal as she reveals her deepest flaws and shows how she changed her life through faith. She has always known her purpose in life and is truly living that path.

Personal Statement: There comes a point in life where you can either live through fear or live through love. I do not fear being honest with who I truly am. This video is my testimony, my truth. This poem is very personal because I reveal my deepest flaws. This poem shows how I changed my life through changing my mindset, which is sometimes the hardest battle in life. When someone is willing to be so open and vulnerable with the world, that person will stop at nothing to follow their dreams. That person is me.

"Testify" is an excerpt from Ashley's book "Perception". You may view parts of the book here: as well as in video form right HERE.

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