The Nearly Deads' Steven Discloses Zombies, Touring, and More Zombies!

The Nearly Deads have announced a co-headlining run with the Blameshift, but before that takes place, the band has taken some time to discusses the zombies among their music and everyday life, touring activity upon this run, and new music underway! Lead guitarist Steven is the one to talk of all of this if not more than that even.

1. Introduce yourself to our readers and disclose who you are?

Steven: We are The Nearly Deads... AKA (4 guys, A Girl and a Pizza place; your zombie apocalypse survival squad; Pop culture enthusiasts). Also, we play rock music.

2. Over the course of your careers, you have released more EP's than full-length releases, why is that?

Steven: Honestly, its cheaper haha. But seriously, as an independent group, it allows us to get new music out sooner. The production of a new record takes a lot of time, money and promotions; doing everything ourselves, EP's just make more sense. We are still considering putting out more full lengths in the future.

3. Were you aware that each of the 3 EP releases have 6 songs each, hence adding up to the obvious 666! Sort of....

Steven: Hmmmm..... very interesting. I can't say we planned it, but I'm not saying we didn't. ;)

4. Would you ever consider doing a showcase or touring trek where you would play only the EP's back to back or in chronological order perhaps?

Steven: That could be cool. I think if we had enough people asking for that sort of tour we would be up for it. I'm a big Coheed and Cambria fan and they've done it a couple times. It's a really cool idea for true fans of the band/music. I don't think its for the "Not Listening" sort of fans. (excuse my blatant reference to our own music....... #sorrynotsorry).

5. What about your only full-length album "Invisible Tonight", was this the same album you mentioned of working upon back on our interview from 2014, where you had released your "Survival Guide" EP a year prior?

Steven: Yes, we had been working on Invisible Tonight during that time. We had most of the album finished, but the label decided they wanted to release an EP instead. Luckily we were still able to release the record ourselves not long after.

6. Do you have any plans on releasing a sophomore follow-up album of sorts or will you be trekking the EP rotation some more?

Steven: We would love for our next release to be another full length. Time and circumstance will tell.

7. Which do you prefer better writing and recording for an EP release of a full-length album release, or does it not matter because it is all in the same?

Steven: Both are great in their own ways. Working on a full length is like releasing a novel as apposed to a short story. A full length allows for more variety and you can paint a bigger picture with your music and lyrics. On the other hand, working on an EP, you can really spend a lot of time with each song experimenting and fine tuning before exhaustion and deadlines kick in.

8. "Revenge of the Nearly Deads", is your latest release and is an EP as well, but why titled it as such, how is The Nearly Deads seeking revenge?

Steven: It's for us, a personal symbolic revenge; but hopefully it will be relatable to anyone going through the same experiences. We have been a band for a long time and have been through many different levels of success and have worked with people in all ends of the industry, also at various success levels. Doing what we do, you tend to hear things from the industry, family or friends like ( "you'll never make it, you're not heavy enough, you need more sex appeal, you're just another Paramore, so what? you and everyone else has a band, give us half of what you earn and we PROMISE you this and that, etc. etc."). The release of this EP is our rebuttal; reassurance to ourselves and proof to our obstacles that we can be successful creating music and we will continue to do so.

9. Off this EP comes a single turned video for the track titled "Never Look Back", that had a theme with it of zombies! Why take this approach with this track and video concept? What is it about zombies that appeals to The Nearly Deads?

Steven: Actually, "Never Look Back", was off our first "Self Titled" EP released in 2011, we released the video that same year. Myself and our producer at the time were/are big fans of zombie films. The Walking Dead was releasing its first season and it sounded like a fun idea and perfect timing. You could say it was a passion project.

10. Whilst zombies is a topic of choice for you, you guys have combined your love of all things geek, being fans like many of movies, video games, and other cultured media to reference within your music, videos, and merchandise as well.  What is it about being into such things that draws it into all that you do?

Steven: Music is an expression of yourself. Therefore, as much as we use relationships and life experiences for inspiration, its also fun to include our passions and hobbies. It has also become a great way for us to connect with our fans. Not everyone has shared the same personal experiences that we have, but who doesn't watch movies and TV? It's great getting to discuss the next walking dead or stranger things season with our fans or taking pics in zombie pose at our shows. We also enjoy putting the Easter eggs in our videos and reading the comments to see which super fan notices them.

11. Still on the thing of zombies, your fan base is titled zombies, so do you ask or do they do go out and dress up as zombies when in attendance of your shows and or tours? Or is it nothing like that? Would you want it to be?

Steven: It would be awesome to play a show for a crowd made up of zombies haha. :) Honestly, I think we may have seen one or two people dressed up at a show, but it hasn't become a thing to that extent yet. The term Zombies was dubbed to our fans by our fans actually. It came around shortly after the video went viral.

12. How about you, yourselves, taking the zombie thing in full swing as it were, do you drape on the zombie look, as a horror punk band would? Since using the various sources of cultured and geek media with movies, video games and what not, how aren't you not like a horror punk band, as it would seem you would be by the looks of all that is being said here.

Steven: Right now our "costume" looks have stayed strictly in our videos and photo shoots. We haven't translated it to our live performances yet. We aren't sure if that's the direction we want to go. But who knows, as our live set evolves, we may end up looking like the living "nearly" dead on stage one day.

13. Let us talk about your two singles made videos for the tracks "My Evil Ways" and "Diamond In The Rough", will these be the only singles and or videos for this EP or will there be others?

Steven: We are always open to making more videos and there are a couple others on the EP that would be perfect for some video ideas we have. I guess you and the fans will have to keep following us on the social medias to find out. :)

14. The EP may have come out just this past summer, but have you all been working on any new music in the meanwhile?

Steven: We are always working on new music. Either I'm at home riffing on guitar or TJ is at her's hammering the piano keys and singing so loud the neighbors call the fuzz. Tour is also the perfect time to jam some new ideas. Hopefully it won't be too long before we release new tunes, but we hope "Revenge of The Nearly Deads" sits with you a little longer than General Tso.

15. Can you tell me what to expect with a setlist as far as this upcoming co-headlining tour with Blameshift goes?

Steven: There will definitely be a lot from the new record with a sprinkling of some older favorites (rock hand emoji).

16. Why go with doing a mini tour as opposed to a full-length tour?

Steven: It's just what we prefer as an independent band. It works best for us to do 2-4 week tours with shows every night as apposed to several month tours which often end up having a lot of off days. It's also easier to book, manage and promote shorter tours on our own. Mostly, that's the amount of time we can handle Kevin's snoring before insanity takes hold.

17. Who will be the one to headline each and every night upon this tour, will it be you or they or switching off back and forth?

Steven: It's back and forth. That's what makes a co-headline fun, you get to switch it up a little so not every night is the same.

18. Once this tour wraps-up what is it that you have lined-up next?

Steven: We are working on one last short run for December and then we will be busy working on tours and festivals for next year. And of course, always working on new tunes and staying connected with our #zombies!

19. Anything else you want to get out into the open, as we wrap this all up?

Steven: If you don't already have "Revenge of The Nearly Deads" you can pick it up on iTunes, Amazon and other digital retailers. You can stream it on Spotify, Apple Music, iHeartRadio and others. If you want physical CDs or Vinyl, they are available at As always, you can follow on instagram (@thenearlydeadsofficial), Facebook, Twitter and view all our music videos on

20. Is that would you say your final answer?

Steven: Yes Trebek, that is my final answer!

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