The Hellfreaks Releases "I'm Away" Video

A new tradition seems to become alive around the Hellfreaks. After "Burn The Horizon", yet another videoclip for the song "I'm Away" (Astoria, 2016, Wolverine Records), which was made by Mihaszna Film, has been shot in various countries. An interesting fact about the video is that the financial background for it was partly based on fans' support through an indiegogo campaign, in exchange for which they were provided with such merch and relics as, for examlee, Shakey Sue's corsette which she was wearing in the video for "Boogieman", a clip that reached almost five million viewers.

Besides venues in Hungary, the team also went to Croatia to shoot some of the scenes there. The song is just about this feeling, trying to find your own way, which sometimes means leaving your previous life behind. The lyrics were based on personal experience: Shakey Sue now lives in Budapest, however, she grew up in Vienna and she lived in Berlin for several years before. The band does not think it is their duty to tell you what is the right thing to do to feel at home in the world, they are just trying to urge you through the visuals and lyrics to think twice before you make a decision.

Check out the video HERE.

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