Shofar - Running

The self-titled, a release by an artist or band that can either make or break them. Well no not necessarily but who's to say, in the case of Shofar's "Self-Titled" EP, that has a number off it that has been gaining attention, it is the opening number of this release titled "Running".

How the track plays off at first, is rather nice, a slow paced melody kicks things off, as the instruments are building up, then after 25 seconds the song begins to take off more and more. By the 40 second stance the song glides off to being that pure rock solid track you can recall again and again. Indeed the track is rock music but with an indie rock feeling. As the band themselves Shofar is from Minneapolis, Minnesota, a very laid back type of place, with a good backdrop of the music scene there.

As it would have it, this indie rock track, is very thorough, clean cut rock music, that has some throwbacks to the early 90's to late 2000's time frame, being a lot alike Papa Roach crossed with Fuel, mixed with some Shinedown. That is the base line of how Shofar sounds off to being, upon this little track, and their self-titled EP as well. "Running", pretty much just plays itself to being very forward, in-depth, yet focused. It is heavy yet still maintaining that rock music vibe. It keeps you bobbing your head, while tapping your feet just a bit too much, but still creates lots of fun.

Shofar as a whole though, is an act, that has got something going for them. While "Running", is a running start, off this EP, the band is well developing and improving upon their craft as musicians. This particular track though, is very creative, well written, has got a lot of flare and sass to it. Not just lots of rock tones, it is besides that, more energy with loads of angst, that keeps it all fresh and recycled material, that is still listenable.

It is simply one of those little numbers you can sit back to hearing, really letting it take you away. It has this mythical yet fantasy feeling to its starting point. Then goes forth into the rock area, keeping it all vivid and fluid. Pretty much how it really goes off to being, not much else to be had or said about it. Let alone the band that is Shofar.

If you dig rock music, then Shofar is one to check out or get into. They got the momentum to keep their music hyped, energized, and entertaining. Allow for it, to take you on, as it guides you through another depth of reality, that is not your own. Simply how their music works and manages to play out. It is all in short, catching, upbeat, and very welcoming. Shofar is not that far off from becoming another notch in the rock music scene, just takes some time with lots more to give and offer to those that are the listener.

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