Grimms Manga Tales

The brothers grimm a duo of brothers, best known for their tales of folklore during the 19th century. Their best work being popularized with such stories as Cinderella, The Frog prince, The Goose Girl, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Their first ever collection of folk tales titled "Children's and Household Tales" was published back in 1812. As years would pass so would the tales, as other folk tales of fantasy and fairy tale wisdom would cross paths as the stories of old but new to each and every generation throughout the years.

This leading to the folklore fairy tales being told in yet another mannerism, this being a classic manga, a Japanese comic book version of the Brothers Grimm fairytales, creator Kei Ishiyama has put her own creative spin on the beloved stories. This time around being such as Little Red Riding Hood, Rapunzel, Hansel and Gretel, The Two Brothers, The Twelve Hunters, Snow White, The Frog King, Puss in Boots, The Singing, and Springing Lark, this manga telling of the timeless tales but with an all new twist with originality and creativity.

But that is not all, if the special digital edition was to be obtained then an array of talented artists would share their mark of talent including that of Misaho Kujradou, as other tales would be told including Old Sultan, Rumplestiltskin, Sleeping Beauty, King Thrushbeard, The Brother and Sister, Mother Hulda, Cinderella and The Bremen Town Musicians! So then how do these tales of old meet the new for the next generation of readers. Well as it would have it, the tales do rather well in this Japanese comic based format that is the manga. As the art style is very vivid and vibrant. The cover artwork really gripping you into a whole another realm, as the pages within cased in black and white, really take in the classic approach to being truly an assortment of classics.

The art style is again very animated like, or life like, that you can feel the panels of the characters come to life, right before your very eyes. The imaginary is just so fun and full of excitement, it takes your mind and breath away. Each of the tales of old, relived in a whole another way, showing off the tales you may have heard of beforehand, but in a new way of style and art form, that re-captures that essence, once more. The story being the same, but again just shown in a new source of material. It really is gripping and glimpses into a whole another realm of reality when reading the manga versions of these tales of wonder.

All in all though, this volume of three is chalk full of tales to be told, shown off in another way that will take you in, more so than ever before. The brothers grimm tales never ceasing to exist, as with each read through, you get an experience never the same way. Jump into the realm that is Japanese manga, you shall not regret it.

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