Dynamos - Shake, Rattle And Roll

Dynamos have got an innate sense of enthusiasm with the musicianship being a common goal, to share the knowledge and know how, of the love that they have for music, that will reach the mighty masses in no time at all. With that "Shake, Rattle And Roll", is their latest offering to the said masses, with not only it's single release, but an accompanying video as well.

The video and song are very plain and simple, pretty basic if you will. As the video that accompanies said single, is pretty simple and basic as is said, having the band that is Dynamos performing, in a concert setting, for this track. Nothing else to be had except this set up, having a band performing, nothing much else to take away from that really. Dynamos stage presents for one, is rather captivating though, as they take in the melodies and harmonies of the music, putting a groove factor into play, allowing for the music to be fun and highly entertaining.

Whereas the craftsmanship used to create said video and song, is well thought out, and really focused. The lyrical context being very well flourished yet flawless. The details of the track being pretty simple minded, as the track discloses how one can feel about someone else, not having their emotions in check, but having them, as they shake, rattle, and roll. Really embracing the togetherness of that certain someone, that you have so many emotions and feelings for them, it is hard to contain it all.
That is somewhat how the song plays out to be. In other words, it is another typical track about romance like many, other tunes tend to be about nowadays. Not saying that this is a bad thing, but it is a topic of choice, that tends to be overused at times, which gets a little on the same old route flare. In any case though, it is a good song, nonetheless though. It's tone of beat, really taking in that true rock n' roll momentum, that keeps the energy ranked and groovy.

As far as Dynamos goes as a band, they deliver rock music, to the fullest content possible, it is shown in the video version of this track.  Again their abilities as performers being very determined and focused, but keeping an easy going attitude in tone with the music beats. The rhythm that this track plays off, is really catching, truly rock music that will keep your fists pumping.

It becomes a track to remember, one that will not get boring with age. Having it be one to listen to, several times over, and still enjoying it with each play through. Dynamos' "Shake, Rattle And Roll", is another one for the taking, that is fresh and new for the rock scene to breathe in. It will be around for quite some time, leaving you wanting as the song persists in doing, to shake, rattle, and roll your body, dancing right along to the unstoppable beats.


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