The Accidentals - Odyssey

Alternative folk trio The Accidentals have played quite the amount of showcases, spanning across the country since they were only teens, dating back to their formation upon the music scene sometime ago. Since then though, they have continued to play shows, tours, and even written and recorded some of their own original work, leading up to the release of their debut album titled "Odyssey". A release that is already making a buzz with such tunes as "Crow's Feet" and  "Stitches and Seams", both of which have been played live as of late, at their recent performances.

That being said, these songs as well as others, including the recent singles, "Memorial Day" and "KW", have all been building up this angst for the trio. This variety of song selection, being the perfect texture of tone for the alternative folk music, that they have built for themselves. Thus, these songs as well as the whole album, that is "Odyssey", is just one well rounded piece of work. It has got spunk, class, and flawlessness, that keeps the music unique, interesting, and downright entertaining.
Speaking of which, their use of words and lyrical context is well played throughout. Their word source is able to weave in and out, throughout the "Odyssey" album, making it just one of those one time albums, that takes the time to understand. It is like this album is more of a do what you want type of feel, you can crank up the volume all the way, to get that feel of vibrations and energy that this release hands off. There is so much going for it pretty much.

That is really how The Accidentals work when it comes to "Odyssey". Their a trio act that has been able to craft together, a type of genre that so many others, have taken into account, but do it so much better. They got those skills that keep their music more embracing let alone entertaining as well.

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