Inverted Serenity - As Spectra Wither

For an act like Inverted Serenity, their style over the course of their almost decade long career span, has seen them collect themselves, gaining such experience as with each of their releases, they have given their desires to evolve with each release.

As it were, their third full-length being their finest yet most eclectic musical offering yet. For "As Spectres Wither", takes forth the mixtures and matches of progressive death metal, to the elements to that of technical death metal that would be paired off with groovy angst of black metal, tossed in with old school death metal feel with good old thrash metal atop it all. Giving you quite an exposure of the genres, bringing to mind such acts as Decrepit Birth, Decapitated, Death, and even Beyond Creation.
As it were with tracks such as "Mechanical Gods" for instance, given the glimpse into what to expect from this album, as it was the first exposure from it, that track really gave birth to the evolvement the band took on. It has elements of all the noted genres, with heaviness to spare, keeping the intensity alive and well. Whereas other tracks like "Mitral Genesis", "Paragon", "Grave", and "We Who Wander", engulf the listener, ever so further that it takes the instrumentals and vocals to another level entirely. It is as if the music itself, is really invading the mind of all who hear it, it intensifies with each listen. It keeps you entertained at all costs, keeping the heaviness on a never ending flow of melody and intensity.

Thus, this album by Inverted Serenity is by far one that will delight as well as persuade those into liking metal, more so than they need to. It has shown a development of evolvement from an act, who refuses to back down.

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