Orlando Stricklen - Cold Dead Hands

Orlando Stricklen is ready to bring back some "good old country music" to the modern ears and eyes of the here and now. As it were, he did take a hiatus from the music scene, spending some time with his family, as he had a little boy, some needed time off would see best fit for this reasoning. So of course he has to come back and he does not regret coming back, for his goals with his music is to connect to the people and he knows his music will do just that.

"Cold Dead Hands", was one of two singles he released since his comeback from hiatus, as he is hard at work currently writing some more whilst in the recording studio, finishing up the touches towards his next release, an EP to follow suit soon enough. But in the case of "Cold Dead Hands", which will see a video accompanying this single's release, is quite the track to entertain the ears.

It is a country track, as Orlando said up above, with wanting to bring back some "good old country music" which he has done with this track right here. It plays off as being pretty darn county driven, the vocals, instrumentals, it really has it all. The tone is pretty much upbeat, and rather catching for the ears. Vocals being in tune with the instrumentals, as the two work hand in hand with one another, to create such a melody, it keeps the groove of it all in check.

When it comes down to it, Orlando Stricklen's return to the music scene, is well worth the wait, and while he may be a family guy now, he is still a true blue rock n' roller of his time, and for the times of the future. Be sure to check out this track he calls "Cold Dead Hands", it will be one to not disappoint.

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