PPAP star PIKOTARO celebrates 1-year Anniversary on YouTube on 8/25th with Special Live Streaming Event!

PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen) was uploaded on YouTube on August 25th, 2016... Did anyone ever imagine that this would become a worldwide phenomenon?!?!

Billboard Chart, Guinness World Records, Kohaku Utagassen (Year-End Song Festival), Budokan Showcase, Summer Sonic, UEFA Champions League, United Nation... all started from this one, short, simple video on YouTube.... simply AMAZING!

Currently, PPAP (on PIKOTARO's official YouTube Channel), has over 120 million views,  and with over 100,000 related videos of total over 1.5 billion views. It's not too much to say that it's "one of the most worldwide famous track by Japanese artist!!"

Now, celebrating 1-year anniversary of PPAP, special program will be LIVE on-air on YouTube featuring music live, talk show, new single, and even special guests!!

PIKOTARO will be celebrating 1st Anniversary of PPAP upload on YouTube! Come and join him LIVE on PIKOTARO's official YouTube Channel!

~YouTube Music Night - PPAP 1st Anniversary~
PIKOTARO mini-showcase + live talk show on YouTube!

8/25 (FRI)  20:00 - JST (Japan)
* 4:00 - PST (US)
* 7:00 - EST (US)
* 12:00 - GMT (UK)
* 13:00 - CET (Europe)

Japanese URL:https://youtu.be/fLL1ooASvG0
English interpreted URL:https://youtu.be/2JZd4-SINJI

PIKOTARO Official YouTube Channel

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