Fear Is Dead - What Remains

When separating yourself from the crowd, it is sometimes more difficult to accomplish than most would think. For as the music scene goes, particularly the metal scene it is quite impossible for a band to stand out above the rest, as a lot of the acts within sound so much alike, or a lot alike at times. For an act such as Fear Is Dead. They want to rise up and stand out against those very odd's and have done just that. Thus their fourth EP to date titled 'What Remains", betters the question what remains?

Well the remains of what the band has to offer from their past experiences and releases of course. But of course, that has to be the reasoning does it not? It sure does, somewhat at least. For this EP takes a stance at their past efforts, stepping into the lame light if you will, showcasing a band that has grown and developed their skill as musicians, more so than before. For with this release, comes pure brutality, raw power, and extreme edginess of music. It brings forth a freshness of appeal of precise experimentation that is truly different and unique.

Like take such tracks as "Strange Times", "Tyranny Of Evil Men", and "Dirt Nap", each of these alone really set up what this EP has to offer. Hence, those previous descriptions in terms of raw power, edginess, and brutality is all showcased right within these song selections here. The instrumental work done by the guitars, drums, and bass, really pack in that powerful punch of adrenaline and pride. Whilst the vocal work is done extremely well, sounding top notch quality, intense, yet edgy. The tone of the voice is heard with such emotion, you can feel the intensity pouring outward. It just works so well together, that it plays together flawlessly really.

When it comes down to it, "What Remains", is a solid piece of work, done by a group of musicians, that have got the passion, pride, and craft to do what they do best, in terms of music making. Surely this release will guide them towards greater chances within not just the metal scene, but the music scene in general. Taking in a greater following altogether with begging the question at the start of it all "What Remains".

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