Mylee's Dying Wish - Genesis Fallen Chapter

Mylee's Dying Wish is an act that has been doing their thing for a short while now. Since about 2014 until 2017, where in between such time, they have gone on to release a couple of releases, including "Da Fucking Demo" (2014) as well as a debut EP release titled "Beauty Of Transformation" (2016). After said releases they continued to go on to write and record for the follow-up and what would be their debut full-length album, titled "Genesis Fallen Chapter". Which believe it or not has a concept to it. A story in fact, one that is a complicated story about the darkest icon that has fallen from the heavens, which hid herself within the holy circle right by the Spring in the Holy Valley which the Catholics branded the valley Forbidden for morals to enter the valley within. The story sounds a bit complicated to understand but it suits the music well enough to say the least.

That said, "Genesis Fallen Chapter" is a release of solid mixtures. Such as its use of heaviness with the music, it takes a piece from the metal genres, but uses it's sub-genres such as screamo with metalcore, having lots of raw emotional screaming antics thrown in quite a bit. While the instrumentals are done more exclusively with pride and passion. Both vocal chords and the instruments work well together, playing off one another though, having the music work well together. It is raw, heavy, edgy, intensity of emotion that flows throughout this release, you get a sense of it from start to finish. Like for instance take such songs as "Underworld Spring", "Possessive Kiss" and "Her Legacy", are all the tracks that tend to stand out more so than the others. These give out that flow of emotional intensity mentioned beforehand. If you want an idea of what this release has to offer then these selections are what it has to offer.

Mylee's Dying Wish's debut efforts that comes in the form and shape that is "Genesis Fallen Chapter", is a solid piece of work, compared to their previous contents. It will surely take them places, showing off what they can do with their musical abilities in music and in writing.

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