Mutant Reavers - Secrets Of The Cyborg Crypt

Horror punk has been around for quite some time, most notable act would have to be The Misfits of the late 70's era. Whereas other acts who came afterwards would include such as Danzig, Samhain, Blitzkid, Balzac, The Cramps, 45 Grave, Calabrese, to other horror punk metal based acts like the Murderdolls and Wednesday 13 as well as Gorgeous Frankenstein and Doyle, to recall a handful of the bunch available.

 In the case of German horror punk metal go getters the Mutant Reavers, they have been hard at work writing and recording for their third EP release titled "Secrets Of The Cyborg Crypt". It consists of 7-tracks of brand new horror punk metal inspired material, that has taken the unique sound of the Casket Garden Studios, where the recording took place. All of that said, the release is quite interesting, while it is indeed horror punk inspired with metal tossed in for good measure, it ends up being a rather solid piece of work.

A lot of the tracks off this release, if not most of them, are horror punk based with metal inspirations thrown in throughout. Making the music sound fierce yet heavy at every possible tune played back. The vocal chords are in check with the instrumentals, sounding catchy, upbeat, and raw, as each works well with one another, to sound intense and heavy at all costs.

There is no bad news to be said about this EP release. Mutant Reavers is one of those up-and-coming horror punk metal inspired acts, that will follow along the lines of some of the other horror greats, as The Misfits, or even Calabrese, if not likely others such as The Other or even The Horrorpops, the Mutant Reavers are right up there, with their uniqueness and creativity of horror-based content.

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