The Mini Murderfest Announces 2017 Line-up!

The Mini Murderfest, the Los Angeles Murderfest's baby version, has announced it's 2017 second year line-up! This year, the festival has been cut back from being a 3 day festival down to a 2 day festival, happening April 28th and 29th 2017. Where it will be held at the Complex in Glendale, California yet again for it's second year! Check out the line-up below!

Friday's Line-Up: (In no particular order)

Wire Werewolves
Angel Flesh
Consuming Fire
The Dead Prevail
Lazarus Casket

Saturday's Line-Up: (In no particular order)

Empyrean Throne
Bad Acid Trip
Cause for Blood
Ancestral Awakening
Carnal Necrosis

NOTE: Set times and official flyer are on the way!

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