Escape The Mind - New Age Compliatios Volume One

Have you ever wanted to just escape? Escape from reality, escape from existence, or perhaps easier aspect of the everyday life, escape from the likes of work, school, friends, or even family members, just stepping away from everything and anything within your own life? Well now you can! Well sort of in a way.... with the music by some various artists with an album titled "Escape The Mind Volume One". It's released being through record label Bongo Boy Records. The music in question is one called new age. New age being often instrumental in nature, having elements such as electronica and non-Western instrumentation throughout its course of material.

So no it is not electronica as far as electronic dance music goes but more laid back source material. It is the type of music you could hear while doing yoga or meditation. Consisting of those light melodic harmonies and sounds being reproduced by the natural world around us that is what this album is all about from start to finish. It contains 13-tracks of these natural sooth sounding tunes, that really take you on a whole another journey or even world of reality.

That said, each track has its own sound to it. It may all sound alike but that is the way this music works. Its ability to keep your mind and body at ease with one another. Having it really work well when playing through the release. Each song has its own source of tone to it. Like "Healing Temple", "Bloom", "No Secrets", and "Full Moon", are the tracks in particular that really stick out the most. These one's really take you in, keeping you at total peace and essence with yourself. It really makes you feel relaxed and calmer than you may have felt before hearing these selections or any of the others for that matter.

In short, this release of material that is called "Escape The Mind Volume One", is chalk full of songs that will likely keep you entertained, enlighten, and be able to feel as yourself. The emotions within just soar throughout your entire body, when listening in to such mystical yet soothing music.

Song Titles and Artist Names
1. Healing Temple - Robert Slap 6:02
2. Traces - Deborah Henriksson 2:27
3. Sanctuary For The Soul - Janice Lacy Project 3:47
4. Wings Of Grace - Tom Baker 4:49
5. Bloom - Matthew Mayer 3:26
6. Soulscape -Deborah Henriksson 3:14
7. Sahara - Robert Slap 4:09
8. Maroon Highlands - Charles Brown 4:01
9. Finding You - Lynn Yew Evers 3:50
10. No Secrets - Rob Mullins 4:23
11. Full Moon - Janice Lacy Project 3:23
12. Yangon ft. DJ K-LA - STEEL 3:50
13. New Horizons - Pamela Davis 4:24

Go pick up the album HERE.

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