Valentine Berlin Born of the Afterlife, Living the Life of a Rockstar!

A rocker, given the life of the afterlife, as a Vampire. Valentine Berlin, is indeed a Vampire, un-living among-st the living, as he spends his past time, writing and recording music, with his band, going out far and wide, playing shows, and touring all over the globe. So much so, in fact it has lead him to release his self-titled album, in which he has taken some brief time discussing, as well as questions detailing his lifestyle and likeness to Vampire lore, culture, plus much more.

1. First off, who are you and what role do you have in the band?

Thank you for taking the time to interview me! I am Valentine Berlin. I currently live in New York City. I am the singer, songwriter and guitarist with my band Valentine Berlin.

2. It's nice to meet a fellow Vampire, how many have you met, through the years?

Ahh yes… Living? Haha.. It seems like when I travel around the world I meet beautiful female vampires, they all seem to want to entice, bite and kiss me endlessly… So it seems like a never ending journey of always meeting new Vampires that never seems to end year after year.

3. How many Vampires do you know, that are musicians, you have mentioned Type O Negative and Nosfearatu.

Yes.. I have mentioned Peter Steele of Type O Negative. I was doing an radio interview with ABC Radio here in New York and Peter Steele was there too. We talked and I got to see him play at L’Amour’s club, in Brooklyn when he was alive, I really felt his presence, he took my heart by storm.

What about Vampire or The 69 Eyes?

Ahh Yes 69 Eyes are old friends of mine.

4. What type of Vampire are you, psychic or blood drinker, if not both?

I feel I am more of a psychic/healer: on a recent date she said to me she wasn’t feeling good her stomach hurts and we must leave the concert and go home… I put my hand on her stomach and concentrated on my hand, my hand started to tremble and she suddenly felt better. We both witnessed this and she said: “How did you do that?” It all went away into my hand and we stayed and enjoyed the concert.

5. What is the story behind the song turned video for "Dance With A Vampire"?

The video was filmed in The Black Forest, Germany with Annie Bertram directing. The song is about a girl I met 10,000 years ago when we were living in Paris. I was a street musician and she was a dancer we had a glorious life together until her untimely death. Its strange… I was in Paris a few years ago, while I was walking around in Bastille; I felt this wind come over me and my heart felt like it wanted to burst open it was real like I had an out of body experience like the song.

6. Have you ever attended or heard of the Endless Night Masquerade Vampire Ball?

I have heard many cool stories about the Endless Night. We used to have a club here in an old church called “The Limelight”. I had my room there so many beautiful people and I remember walking through the crowd one night and a girl, got her necklace tangled on my leather jacket, we both worked carefully to untangle her necklace face to face, when I looked up at her it was “Debbie Harry” singer of the band “Blondie”.

7. Do you have a favorite Vampire novel, movie, TV show, cartoon or anime series, etc.

Yes. My favorite movie of all time is “The Crow” I have the movie poster hanging over my bed. I heard they were filming a new version of "The Crow", I had my director friend, get me the new directors' name, and I emailed them my head shot and resume, to them but heard the film was put on hold.

I also love Anne Rice, both her as an author and her movies. When they first came out I was hooked, my only wish was foe me to have the starring role, but it wasn't meant to be so. I also love anime, manga, and comics, when I was on tour in Japan, a Japanese artist named "Kyou" made a manga/comic of me, the comic is now included with our new CD.

8. Your social media says you are currently single. So what does one have to do to get a chance to date a Vampire?

Yes. I am currently single, it seems when I open my websites or social media sites, there is always a beautiful Vampire, I meet and talk with, chatting with me from all different parts of the world. Sometimes if we really connect we go meet in person and go out on a date together.

9. Do you prefer to date your own kind or prefer mortals, or does it not matter to you?

Hmmm great question. I prefer mortals, so enticing, always willing to let me take their hearts, all those pretty young things, are just so enchanting and captivating to me.

10. What's your favorite blood type?

You have heard of Type O Negative haven’t you Darling?

11. If you had to pick a Vampire that you idolized who would it be and why?

It would have to be "Bela Lugosi" who played Dracula in the 1930's. Wow all of his movies still scare me to this day. They just so creepy and intense, just looking at one, he could easily seduce you. I believe, I have that power as well. I also love "The Crow" comic series, movie series, it is my all time favorite movie as a whole!

12. You are a big fan of Anne Rice, were you aware of the TV series based on the Vampire Chronicles?

Hmmm, I will have to check this out, no I am not aware. I spend most of my time touring the world.

13. What about the other movie series The Lost Boys, you a fan of that or hear of it's new TV series?

I was a total fan of "The Lost Boys" series. I would have loved to be in that movie series. I did not know about the new Tv show.

14. Have you, or would you want or like to sleep in a coffin?

Well, now that you ask. I have met a lot of strange people while on tour, and one dark strange night, I was with a young women, and she took me home, into a dark room, where she lit a candle, and there was a coffin laying there. We ended up sleeping inside this coffin together, it was a bit strange.

15. Do you own any Vampire memorabilia, such as anything from coffins, bats, blood, etc. I have my share of a collection of items, displayed across my household mainly my bedroom. Perhaps you would like to check out my collection sometime.

Hmmm...... Yes. I would love to see your collection, that sounds awesome!!!! I also have many cool old toys, hanging around my room. My night light is a creepy monkey, in a tuxedo holding two candles, it's very strange, which is why it is so cool. I also have a set of custom fangs I wore in the music video for "Dance With A Vampire".

16. So would your favorite howliday be Halloween?

Yes, I love Halloween, in New York City, we have a parade, that I have marched in many times before. Last year I dressed up as The Crow! My most favorite movie of all time!

17. Is it a myth or fact, can you change into a bat?

Wow, I would love to try that some time. But I prefer a crow. When a person dies, a crow comes to save their soul.

18. What types of Vampire abilities and weakness do you possess?

My abilities are of healing, which are truly endless. I have been called a healer for many moons, from my followers, but yet like every male Vampire, my weakness's I believe are women.

20. Were you born or turn into a Vampire?

I feel at times I was born this way....since I was a young boy I had followers… they would follow me anywhere.. and do whatever I wanted. I had and still have power to do what I want, when I want at times, and its very strange feeling. But other times there are so many evil spirits from my past. I have to use my power to keep them away. When we filmed in The Black Forest in Germany, I felt this real intense feeling come over me and it grabbed my heart. I knew I was there before running through the forest perhaps with the Romans.

21. So was it a coincidence that your latest album was titled after yourself, and released on of all days Valentine's Day? Or did you plan it all out purposely?

Well… my manager Melina Green and I thought the perfect release date would be Valentine’s Day, since the title and the holiday matches my name. It was the perfect release date and it all worked out great! A self-titled first album, always works best if its a collection of my best songs, all put into one book, each song being a chapter of love, death, and despair.

22. Will you be releasing anymore singles or videos off "Valentine Berlin"?

Yes we will be debuting our new single “ Witch Hunt”. Which I wrote about a female vampire prostitute living in Paris, back in the Victorian era. She got caught sleeping with too many Vampires and the town decided to hunt her down and burn the witch.

23. Do you have any new music in the works, in terms of a follow-up release or is it too soon to think that far ahead?

I have my own recording studio, so I am always writing songs. So we should be just fine to record for our second album, when the time comes.

24. What are the plans that you have for the rest of this year?

So far the press around the world, have been loving the new album. This helps us to gain more fans and followers, so can sell a lot of merchandise as well! My fans I call "The Ghost Squad". We are also going to be filming a new music video this summer, and planning a tour, so we can tour, tour, tour! I hope to play in your city and meet you too.

25. Is that your final answer?

Well my dear.... Nothing is ever final not in my life. But for now, it was a pleasure talking with you. You have great questions, they are very cool and creative. Thank you, kisses from a fellow Vampire.

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